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House Alarm System

5 Qualities of A Good House Alarm System

With the sharp increase in burglaries over the years, it has become paramount for homeowners to invest in efficient security systems. Currently, up to 60% of break-ins in the U.S. are home invasions. For this reason, a house alarm system is now more of a necessity than a luxury.

House Alarm System

Several companies and top brands offer quality security systems on the market. The challenge for many homeowners is finding an alarm system that is pocket friendly and efficient. Fortunately, finding the right fit for your home is not as difficult as you may think.

With improvements in security equipment, it is possible to purchase recommended equipment instead of buying an entire home security system. To find an excellent network, focus on the most effective equipment. Remember, the more components you buy, the higher the installation and operational costs. More equipment also means higher energy costs.

We have compiled a list of qualities that will help you identify the best house alarm system and one that suits your needs.

Qualities of a House Alarm System

Alarm systems vary substantially. Modern options include everything from infrared sensors to video doorbells. Sophisticated alarm systems are usually quite costly. With this in mind, it is critical to ensure you stay within your budget. If it is your first time purchasing a home security system, there are a few primary qualities that you should consider.

Ease of Use

An alarm system can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use it. While you may not have budgetary constraints, it is still critical to ensure you purchase a simple system. For example, some locks require complex codes to open. These codes may be hard to master, and you may lock yourself outside your house.

Home Alarm System

Essentially, go for an alarm system that is easy to install and operate. Having a top-tier alarm system will compromise your safety if you don’t know how to use it. Consult experts on the installation procedure of the alarm system you choose and how convenient it is to use.

Real-Time Emergency Response Services

A house alarm system serves two primary functions. It acts as your first line of defense, and it provides access to rapid response in case of a burglary. Don’t go for an alarm system that does not offer access to emergency services.

There are several scenarios where a burglar breaks into your home while you are in it. An emergency response system opens a line to law enforcement and alerts the nearest patrol unit. What this does is ensure you get assistance within a few minutes. The function of an alarm system is not simply to alert you as the homeowner-it is to ensure you get help as soon as possible.

Emergency response teams also have a team of experts who assist you navigate through a break-in without putting you or your family in imminent danger.

Professional Monitoring and Video Surveillance

Only 13% of home burglaries are solved by law enforcement each year. The main reason is that many homes in the U.S. do not have video surveillance that can assist the police in positively identifying perpetrators. A professional monitoring system ensures you have 24-hour video surveillance and alert systems.

Visible outdoor cameras also deter criminals from breaking into your home. A study conducted by the University of Carolina showed that up to 70% of burglars avoid houses that have external cameras in plain sight. Monitoring helps prevent crime and also improves the overall safety of your home and family.

Loud Sirens

While this may seem outdated, a loud siren is one of the most effective components of an alarm system. If you don’t have access to emergency response, a siren will alert the nearest police patrol unit as well as your neighbors. The idea is to draw attention to the burglar and prevent them from breaking into your home.
Criminals hate attention, and a siren will make them anxious and stop them in their tracks.


Burglars are always plotting and coming up with new ways to access restricted areas. For this reason, it is critical to set up a house alarm system that is modified to improve functionality. Installing an entirely new alarm system is costly and exhausting, so ensure you get an upgradable system.

Note also that many new security devices are entering the market every year. An alarm system can integrate new technologies and improve safety. Consider issues of compatibility as well. They will come in handy if you decide to go for a home security system.

Bottom Line

Security is a concern for homeowners across the globe. It is for this reason that house alarm systems have become a necessity. To keep your family and property safe, ensure you invest in a quality home security system.

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