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How smart devices can make property management operations more efficient

Are you a property manager looking to reduce your costs of on-premises staff, cut back on energy consumption in empty units, and eliminate the risk that a small water leak turns into a huge problem requiring thousands of dollars in repair costs? Ezlo can help. 

Below are just few of the ways our market-ready solutions can help property managers make their operations more efficient.

Reduce energy costs in unoccupied units

Having smart devices in your units not only allows for remote control and automation of property devices but also enables easier, more cost-effective remote management when the units are unoccupied.

Smart devices like thermostats keep the temperature at just the right level to ensure the pipes don’t burst in the winter and circulate fresh air in the summer all while cutting down on energy consumption to keep your costs down. 

Use smart locks and doorbell cameras for contactless entry and reduce theft

Ideal for self-guided tours and letting in maintenance staff without needing personnel on-site, smart locks and doorbell cameras allow you to give access to vacant properties without having to be there.

Even after COVID 19 is gone, we’ll see an increased demand for ways to keep prospective tenants and maintenance staff safe. Smart locks alleviate the need for keys by letting you easily send single-use access codes that expire after a certain time window, allowing entry to anyone who needs it, and denying it to everyone else. 

Monitor conditions all the time

Add temperature, humidity, and leak sensors to track conditions in all units at all times, but especially when they’re vacant. If water is detected or the humidity goes above your pre-set range, you’ll get an alert automatically. This gives you the chance to investigate and solve any problems before they become a bigger issue or burden on your bottom line. 

Offer water damage prevention solutions

Imagine a tenant on the fourth floor is away for two weeks and the water line to her ice maker tears. Without water damage prevention solutions like an automatic shut-off valve, the only way you’ll discover the leak is when the tenant on the third floor has water falling from his ceiling.

But if you want to stop problems like that before the start, you can add a smart valve that automatically shuts off the water as soon as a leak is detected, preventing thousands of dollars in damage. Ball valves can now be pre-plumbed in any new construction and the smart actuators that actually shut off the water can be installed at a later date, with no additional plumbing required. Pair with a smart hub, sensors & flow meter for a complete water damage prevention system.

Key takeaways

Smart thermostats, door locks, water valves, and sensors are just a few of the smart devices you can use on your properties. It all depends on you, your tenants how far can you go with smart tech on your units. Want to go with energy efficiency, security, or convenience? Why not with all three, with our pre-made packages and add-on services.

Learn more: Solutions – Ezlo Smart Home

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