How to Install Smart Light Bulbs

How to Install Smart Light Bulbs?

Transforming your home into a smart home can be quite overwhelming. This is because, in the current market, there are endless smart technologies and platforms. Therefore, a gradual transformation is always recommended for beginners.

Installing smart light bulbs is a good place to start this transformation into the future. They are light in weight, they offer obvious benefits in terms of convenience and long-term savings, and they are also easy to install.

Basically, there are three main ways through which you can install a smart bulb. The method that you will use will depend on the type of technology that your bulb uses to maintain connectivity. It will depend on whether the bulb uses:

Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulbs

If the smart light bulb is designed to connect through wifi, the first thing that you should do is to download the app that controls it. Normally, the app is specified in the installation manual that comes with the app. For example, if you buy Wyze LED smart bulbs, you will need to download and install the Wyze app as a first step.

With the app downloaded and installed, the next step is to connect your phone to your wireless network. Thereafter, open the app and then select the option of adding a product from the menu.

Unwrap the bulb from its packaging and then screw it into the bulb holder, like you would a normal light bulb. Turn it on and off three times and then wait. It will take a few seconds for the bulb to pair, and when the process is over, you will get a notification on your phone. In some cases, the bulb will flash while it is pairing.

After the pairing process is complete, simply enter your Wi-Fi name and password, and then connect the smart LED bulb to your wireless network via the settings option. This should then cause the bulb to connect automatically.

With that process complete, all you have to do is to create a unique name for the bulb and then begin to play with its controls.

Bluetooth-enabled smart bulbs

Bluetooth-enabled smart bulbs don’t need Wi-Fi in order to function. For these smart devices, all they need is your phone’s Bluetooth. And if you care more about ease of installation, these are the simplest smart bulbs to install.

Since the bulbs depending on your phone’s Bluetooth in order to work, you will need to ensure that your Bluetooth is on.

The installation process will begin with you downloading and installing the respective app. Once you do so, create an account and then select the option of adding a new device and then choose the “Lights” option from the resulting.

After that, simply screw the smart bulb in place and then turn on the lights.

Give the bulb a few seconds to pair. Most bulbs will flicker for a few minutes and the flickering will stop as soon as the pairing process is complete.

Once the pairing process is complete, you will get a notification on your phone, or on the app. Simply agree to any prompts that may follow thereafter, and your smart bulb will be ready for operation.

While Bluetooth-enabled smart light bulbs are easy to install, they are usually limited by a phone’s Bluetooth range. As a result, when compared to Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulbs, they are relatively less convenient.

If you want to be able to control them even when you are out of range, you may have to invest in a bridge or a hub.

Hub-dependent smart bulbs

Some bulbs require a hub in order to work. This hub connects to your Wi-Fi router, and the bulb then connects to the hub. And while the installation process involves an extra step, it is still simple and straightforward.

The first step is to download and install the smart bulb app. For example, if you are using the Philips Hue White LED, you will need to install the Philips Hue app.

After installation, launch the app and then create an account.

Switch on your Wi-Fi router and then connect it to the hub that came with the bulb.

Thereafter, connect the hub to a power source, and then install the bulb as you would any other bulb. Turn the bulb on and then initiate the search process in the app by selecting the “Search” option.

After the app detects the smart bulb, select it in the app, and then wait for it to connect automatically.

As you can see, installing a smart bulb is really easy. Therefore, choosing them as the first step towards “smartening” your home is a great idea as it will afford you the luxury of experimenting with the possibilities of a smart home without necessarily getting overwhelmed.

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