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How to Pair Aeotec Led Bulb Gen 6 Multi-White ZWA001 with Ezlo Hubs?

This guide explains an easy way of pairing the Aeotec LED Bulb Gen 6 Multi-White ZWA001 with Ezlo Hubs.


Connect to an electrical outlet to power the LED lightbulb.

Go to the app on your smartphone or tablet and select “Devices” on the main menu.

Tap on the “+” symbol and go to “Add Device.”

Select the category of your device by tapping “Lights and Dimmers.”

The app will open up a list of available devices.

Select “Aeotec Led Bulb Gen 6 Multi-White ZWA001 ” from the list, and click “Pair New Device.”

Go to your dimmer or lightbulb and ensure it is on.

When the controller pairs with the device, confirm the action on the app.

Tap “Next” to choose the device to add to the room.

Click “Done” to finalize the process.


You have successfully paired the dimmer. Congratulations.

Using the app, you can now control your dimmer by setting scenes of varying light intensities between 1 and 100%.

You can also use the app to switch the dimmer on and off.


Go to the “Unpair” icon in your app.

Confirm you want to proceed.

When the action is complete, tap “OK.”

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