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How to Pair Enbrighten In-Wall Smart Switch ZW39 with Ezlo Hubs?


First, Install the new faceplate onto your existing switch and align it with the electrical box.

Open the Ezlo app on your iOS or Android device and tap on the “Devices” tab.

Tap the “+” button at the app’s top right corner of the screen and select “Add New Device.”

In the next screen, select “Lighting” from the dropdown menu and choose your Enbrighten In-Wall Smart Switch ZW39 from the list of available devices.

Go to the Enbrighten In-Wall Smart Switch ZW39 and click the action button.

Open the Enbrighten App, select the Settings icon in the top right corner, and tap on “Pair Device.”

Enter your device’s serial number and click “Pair Device” when prompted.

Smart Switch

Once paired, you can use the Ezlo app to control your Enbrighten In-Wall Smart Switch ZW39 from anywhere.


Tap the unpairing button on the top right side and confirm your action by pressing the action button on the device.

Go to the app and confirm the unpairing.

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