Fancy it Up with Hue Outdoor Lights

Mood lighting is an option anyone can take to heighten up whatever feel the occasion calls for. Dimmer lighting invokes a more romantic and intimate atmosphere, while brightened lights are more for a group type of celebration. You can bring this kind of mood lighting outside your home, through the use of hue outdoor lights. Hue refers to colors shades; different colors bring about different emotions and connotations. While colored lighting is more know for occasions like the bright whites and golds of Christmas, or maybe the greens of St. Patrick’s Day, hue lights can still be installed in your yard to invoke certain moods. Hue outdoor light bulbs can be utilized to bring a more festive outlook to your home, provided you use the right colors and placements for your hue lights. We at Vera would like to bring you some ideas on how to put hue outdoor lights to your outdoors. Your hue outdoor lights may also come in different forms, and we will be exploring different outdoor LED  lights options, from high-tech smart lighting spotlights and lanterns, to more common string lights with many hue outdoor light bulbs usually hung up during holidays.

Hue Outdoor Lights

A Bit of Color Theory

Especially for those who put extra effort in beautifying their yards, hue outdoor lights will be useful. You wouldn’t want your house decorations to go to waste in the evening, so some hue lights to put a spotlight on them would be nice. However, appropriate choosing of hue outdoor light bulbs’s colors would be necessary so that the outside of your house is highlighted properly. The right set of hue outdoor light bulbs is compulsory to both bring out the yard’s beauty, and also to act as highlights and not steal emphasis.

Color Theory

The wrong choice of hue lights or hue outdoor light bulbs could steal focus on certain outdoor elements. Warm colored hue outdoor LED lights are more effective for objects that are far off from points of perspective. Use hue outdoor light bulbs with either an orange or yellow hue to highlight plants from the far end of your backyard. Since these colors on hue lights are more piercing in the dark, hue outdoor light bulbs with warm colors work better from afar. As for cooler hue outdoor lights, use them in the forefront, but still pick the right color of hue outdoor light bulbs for specific plants. Darker hues like blue and green hue lights act well to emphasize foliage or grass in the evening. Choose hue outdoor light bulbs that can illuminate vast areas with cooler colors. Avoid using yellow or orange as this will muddle natural cool colors.

To emphasize your house’s architecture, warm lighting will do as supposed to using specific hue outdoor lights. Pick a warm yellowish color of spotlights or lanterns to brighten up your house’s exterior. White lighting is generally used for function and security, so white flood lights work the best. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to use more colors through hue outdoor lights. While the colors of your hue lights also matter, another factor to this is what kind of hue outdoor lights you will use, and where you will place them.

Types of Lighting to Use

From spotlights to pathway lamps, you can get fancy with how you will infuse color on your outdoors. Different options for hue outdoor lights will definitely brighten up the mood for specific areas in your yard. Just choose wisely on which hue outdoor light bulbs to use:


Small hue lights can be put on the side of pathways to act not only as guidance but also to bring the party feeling outside of the venue. Corner lamps may also act as hue lights on end tables, which are more decorative in nature. There are also hue outdoor light bulbs that change colors, putting a more playful spin on mood lighting.

Spotlights and Floodlights

While it’s mentioned that flood lights are often white for security purposes, colored flood lights that function like spotlights can be pointed towards ornamental plants or outdoor structures. These hue lights heighten up the decorative feel of some plants like towering trees and bushes. During parties, these options for hue outdoor lights may also be used to color walls.

String Lights

String Lights and Strip Lights

These hue lights options have dozens of hue outdoor light bulbs that either differ in color or come in one solid color. Wrap your string hue outdoor lights on tree trunks, branches, or even columns, and bring out that festive feeling. LED hue outdoor light bulbs of strip lights have a quaint glow to them that is oddly satisfying.

More Lighting Options

Whether it is hue lights or just to start up with smart lighting, we at Vera can help you with that. Check out our catalogue to see options for light bulbs and other lighting options. We hope to help you fancy up your house through hue lights, or simply to push your house further in this era of the smart home.

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