Implications of Ring Hack on the Smart HomeImplications of The Ring Hack on the Smart Home Ownership

There was a recent story in the news of how an 8-year-old girl was traumatized by a voice speaking to her through the Ring Camera in her bedroom. The little girl had music blasting from her room and went to check it out.

On entering her room, she heard a voice speak to her. At first, she thought it was her mother. Only for the voice to ask her to tell her to insult her mother. That is when she started screaming and calling for her mother.

Unknown to the little girl or her parents, the Ring Camera in her bedroom had been hacked.

Two more stories of the Ring Camera hack also surfaced as more people came out to say their smart home cameras had been hacked in the recent past. There are concerns that the same person, was behind the Ring hacks in all the news reports.

How the Ring camera became a must have

For most people, the Ring Camera became a must have for the peace of mind it offers. It allows you to monitor the goings on in and around your house depending on where you have them placed. You can be in the office or the other end of the world and easily monitor as your deliveries arrive and also how the people in your house, be it kids, spouses or housekeepers or pets are faring.

With its two-way audio capability, it makes it easy for people in the same house and different rooms to communicate.

With these features among others, the Ring camera became an integral part of numerous households in and around America and the world.

With few disadvantages on the device, many are now worried that they have let hackers into their houses by installing it.

How the Ring Camera Hack Happened

According to cyber security professionals, the Ring camera hack was as a result of the numerous data breaches in other devices and sites. As a result, people’s usernames and passwords were accessed by hackers who could now could easily access their cameras.

A lot of us, to quickly remember our passwords use the same password for multiple platforms. Security experts, however, advice against this practice. To ensure our security, it is advised that we have different password for different platforms.

Further, we can enhance security by adopting two-factor authentication. This involves receiving an access code onto your mobile phone to confirm that you are accessing your account or camera.

One can also download an authentication app that can help enhance the security of your access to the Ring Camera.

Response from Amazon on the Ring Camera Hack

Amazon, owns the Ring Camera.

When the Ring camera hack allegations surfaced, Amazon representatives responded by encouraging the users of the Ring camera to change their passwords and create more secure passwords to prevent malicious access of their cameras.

They reported that from their investigations, they had found no indication of illegal access to their systems. Amazon felt that, the hackers had gained access to the cameras after acquiring the correct usernames and passwords to access them.

They also assured their customers that they had taken all measures available to them to ensure the security of their customers and devices. They also re-stated that they take customer trust seriously and thus have ensured the security of their devices fro everyone who uses them.

History of breach on Ring Camera

Before this recent case of hacking on the Ring Camera, there were other cases of breach on the Ring camera.

The company has, however, over the years fixed these security issues and has gained a good reputation on the smart home industry. This has led the Ring camera to become the leading smart camera used in numerous homes that are now going smart.

Why you should buy a doorbell and home Ring camera


One of the many solutions and advantages that accrue to the numerous buyers of the Ring Camera, is the security that it provides to your home.

With the Ring camera, whether you are in the house or out of the house you can easily monitor your house. In the house, you can monitor every room that has a camera. With the doorbell camera, you can monitor your outdoors and see everyone approaching your door.

From the inside of the house, you can easily find out who is at your door through your Ring camera.


Another reason that you can buy the Ring camera is for convenience. You can easily monitor everything in and around your house and even neighborhood from the comfort of your phone.

With a strong internet connection, you can keep your cameras online and thus you can conveniently see whatever the camera is seeing.

Help keep your neighborhood safer

Law enforcement, when carrying out investigations will seek out people who have Ring cameras facing towards the neighborhood.

Camera footage often helps police solve neighborhood crime quickly and conveniently.

Ring also gives its owners, access to an app where they can post videos of crime that are recorded by their videos that are always recording.

Smart Locks

With the Ring camera, you can easily monitor and control your smart locks. This makes your house safer and secure. You are sure that no one can easily break into your house without your knowledge or of your other housemates.

Share lock codes with your housemates

With the Ring camera and lock system in your home, you are sure that only people who are authorized to enter your house will enter. You will have lock codes that only you and those that you live with will have access to.


The recent Ring camera hack has exposed vulnerabilities in the highly loved home security camera. However, with the numerous upgrades carried out on it by Amazon, the Ring camera is a proper security option for your smart home. Ensure that you have unique passwords for your Ring camera to prevent unauthorized access by malicious people.


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