Inground Pool Lights

Inground Pool Lights

Pools are the ultimate backyard structures any homeowner would like to have. Aside from the luxury it brings, it can do a lot of wonders to one’s lifestyle. You can organize pool parties, swim a few laps around to keep up with your figure, or simply immerse in it for a few hours to wash the day’s stress off. But with such a fantastic possession comes the responsibility to keep it safe and well-maintained, that is why inground pool lights are imperative. Installing swimming pool lights underwater is a necessity for any pool owner, but deciding how you want to go about installing underwater pool lights is something to put attention to. We at Ezlo would like to give our pitch on your options for inground pool smart lights. While different pools require different sets of underwater pool lights, general input about inground pool lights would be helpful for you. So before you go out there and purchase whatever underwater pool lights come your way, here are some types of inground pool smart lights for you to choose from.

But Are They Necessary?

While a well-lit area seems to be the solution to no longer requiring swimming pool lights underwater, these lights are focused on the above-ground safety. While putting a strong spotlight towards the pool may do the trick, it’s directional beam will only light that specific part of the water. Putting up underwater pool lights will illuminate the area of where it is placed, and a number of well-placed swimming pool lights underwater will surely keep the pool bed bright from the surface. Some would like to put up fancy string lights above the pool, but this will work mostly as a decoration rather than functional lighting. Also, unlike underwater pool lights, string lights will only shine on the surface. Inground pool lights are a true necessity to keep the waters well-lit and safe in the evening. Also, swimming pool lights underwater will allow you to clean the pool at night or retrieve objects that fell into the pool. Think of putting swimming pool lights underwater as a functionality upgrade.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

These halogen underwater pool lights are probably your cheapest options. What’s nice about choosing incandescent light bulbs as swimming pool lights underwater is they emit a strong white light. Since incandescent lights are almost like spotlights, using them as inground pool lights almost assures your pool bed will be outrightly bright.

Some Concerns

Using incandescent underwater pool lights may be cheap at the onset, but maintenance of these bulbs can be costly and tiresome. Compared to their counterparts, putting up these swimming pool lights underwater may not warrant the longest time of use, with up to only 3,000 lighting hours. However, by having this caution in mind, you can already prepare for it by having your technician keep some spare bulbs in case your inground pool lights need changing.

Fiber Optic Lights

These underwater pool lights options come in two components: the illuminator, which performs central control, and the fiber optic cable itself. You can be a lot more creative in placing these as your swimming pool lights underwater, as you can place them within the perimeter or directly underwater.

Some Concerns

The added creativity of these underwater pool lights do come with a rather hefty price. As swimming pool lights underwater, they may not be as practical. Consider using these inground pool lights more as accents rather than as the main source for inground pool smart lights.

LED Light Bulbs

These underwater pool lights are environment-friendly and will not put a lot of impact on your electricity bills. While they don’t use up a lot of energy, they last a very long time of up to 30,000 hours. Plus, these inground pool lights come in different colors, so you can be as creative as you want to be. Using these as swimming pool lights underwater may also be a fun option.

Some Concerns

Sadly, using these as swimming pool lights underwater may not merit as bright of a shine as with incandescent lights. Some strategic planning on where to put these inground pool lights will be optimum so that you don’t have to end up using a lot of underwater pool lights, which defeats the purpose of saving energy.

More Options

To help you expand your options for underwater pool lights, why not head on to our catalogue ? We at Ezlo are committed to give you only the best options for your swimming pool lights underwater.

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