Best Places to Use an Automatic Padlock

An automatic padlock is a step up in securing our property. We have a 4,000-year-old need for securing our property. In fact, one of the earliest evidences of use of locks and keys dates back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Automatic Padlock

An automatic padlock cuts down the need for key in unlocking the padlock. It reduces the risk of getting locked out in or from your own property.

Getting locked out is not a small problem. In fact, locksmiths earned $2 billion in 2018. This figure proves the disadvantage of using physical keys for unlocking.

Cutting down risks of getting locked out is not just the benefit of using an automatic padlock. It also gives us many security benefits by using it in a lot of ways.

Use Automatic Padlock in Home Entry Points

Back door is apparently the favorite entry point of 22% of burglars. Of course, entering the front door would most likely catch attention. But, entering the backdoor is a much more stealthy move.

People usually put security cameras by the front door to shoo away the burglars. Burglars also know that the front door is where you put your best automatic padlock or smart lock. So, some burglars enter the back door.

Securing the front door will deter the 34% of burglars who are not afraid to enter your house from the front. Securing the backdoor with an automatic padlock adds more defensive strength.

Now, congratulations! You can now cut the chance of burglary into nearly half. You can add more defensive strength to your home. This is by securing your backyard gate with another automatic padlock.

Use Automatic Padlock in Bikes

According to the National Bike Registry, about 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year. One of the sad things is that many of these thefts occur at home.

One of the reasons cited as a cause of bike theft is that owners leave their bikes chained for a long time. Unfortunately, some of us can’t just check our bikes every now and then.

But, the automatic padlock could help people track their bikes. Some wireless padlock models allow you to see if your bike is still on the pole where you locked it in. You can track the padlock attached to the bike with your smartphone.

Use Automatic Padlock in Backpacks

Pickpocketing is not much of a thing in the United States. But, this crime in common in some countries in Europe and Asia.

Pickpockets are common in tourist areas where people would most likely flock to. It could be a plaza or a street in a European city. For example, in Barcelona, 300 thefts are reported every day in tourist hotspots.

Tourists usually have large backpacks hanging around their backs. And later they will find their backpack zippers open with some cash stolen.

Using a padlock would solve the problem of pickpockets. But, you don’t want to look dumb trying to open your bag with a key. So, why not step up your game and use a wireless padlock instead.

With an automatic padlock, you can open your bag with your phone as long as it is connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You will not just have your stuff secured. You could also look cool unlocking that automatic padlock with your phone.

Use Automatic Padlock in Garage

You can also use the automatic padlock top secure your garage. We often look over this another possible entry point for burglars.

Some owners even left the garage door open when they are home. This is a mistake since they are basically letting burglars have a sneak peak of their tools. They could use these tools to break into your home.

Some owners even leave the garagedoor open for their convenience. But, about 10% of burglars break in your home through the garage. So, you should also invest your best smart padlock to your garage.

An automatic padlock is also a more convenient measure for you than an ordinary lock. This is because you have to exit your car and unlock the ordinary lock with a key. An automatic padlock, though, allows you to unlock the garage with your smartphone.

Use Automatic Padlock in Closets

Closets, cabinets, and drawers are where we usually put our valuables. These are the places we usually hid our cash or jewelries. That is also the primary reason why they are the first places in our home checked by burglars.

This makes the closets, cabinets, and drawers the best places to put an automatic padlock.

The automatic padlock will secure your home’s most intimate places. This will happen without completely shutting them from your love ones. The best smart padlock models lets you give timed access to people you trust. You can do this with your phone even if you’re away from home.

The automatic padlock could be connected to your phone if it allows Wi-Fi connection.

Use Automatic Padlock in Package Containers

You could also use the automatic padlock on package containers. The best smart padlocks models even allow users to track their package where it is attached. This assures the user the package is delivered safely to the receiver.

The use of the automatic padlock in packages also deters unwanted unwrapping. The automatic padlock allows unlocking when package is delivered to the right receiver.

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