LED Outdoor Security Lights

LED Outdoor Security Lights

Don’t just buy any security lights. While there is a plethora of options from ring lights to flood lights, take additional steps to make sure your home is safe. While crime rates are rising, you have to take extra precautions. Since security lights should be working all night long, consider picking lights that’ll last long and won’t add too much on electricity bills. Motion sensor LED outdoor security lights are what you need. With the innovation of motion sensors alongside LED light bulbs comes this security fixture that’ll bring more benefits than just safety. We at Ezlo have a collection of LED bulbs for you, and we support the installation of motion sensors in the outdoor parts of your abode, as it brings you closer to smart home goals. Motion sensor LED security lights are viable options, and here’s why.

Benefits of LED Lights

Using LED security lights gives benefit not only to you but also the environment. Motion sensor security lights have to work all night, and compared to traditional lights, LED outdoor security lights will perform better.

Longer Lasting 

LED security lights use bulbs that are bound to shine on up to 60,000 hours, while incandescent lights only last up to 1,500 hours. Since motion sensor security lights have to stay lit as long the sun isn’t up, you’ll need all that time. Also, since motion sensor security lights might switch on to off frequently, that shift also affects the bulbs. For LED security lights, that isn’t a problem.

Energy Efficient

Traditional lights misuse electricity. Compared to LED outdoor security lights, they emit unnecessary heat which affects the whole fixture, making it more prone to damage. LED security lights use electricity thoughtfully. Less heat is produced with these LED outdoor security lights, meaning you’ll pay your electricity bills mostly for produced light. As motion sensor security lights should stay on for a long time, traditional bulbs will just toast the fixture in the process. No need to worry about this with LED security lights.

Environment Friendly

LED security lights use bulbs that are nature-sensitive. Motion sensor security lights that use traditional bulbs are health hazards when they break. Most of them have mercury, which should be disposed of properly. In case LED outdoor security lights’ bulbs break, simply throw them away like any trash.


Benefits of Motion Sensors

LED outdoor security lights are beneficial, but let’s improve that. With motion sensors, your home is not only made safe from burglars or trespassers, but also in guiding family and guests. Up the ante of your LED outdoor security lights with motion sensors.

Improved Mobility

With motion sensor security lights, you don’t have to flick a switch. Imagine these LED outdoor security lights when you’re full with groceries on both arms. The automatic light lets you enter the door with ease. Also, using LED security lights with motion sensor capabilities is helpful for senior citizens and the differently-abled. Persons with reduced mobility are well-guided even in the evening, thanks to motion sensor security lights.

Saves Money, Too

While LED outdoor security lights’ bulbs save money, motion sensor security lights rid you of worrying if lights are on or off. You can tweak the sensitivity of these motion sensor security lights up to what extent they will light up. Also, you can set up to how long these LED security lights will stay on once triggered, and when they will automatically shut off. Using LED outdoor security lights with motion sensors is a better choice than having security lights that have to be on the entire night. That’s lesser expenditures on your energy bills and less worry in buying LED outdoor security lights.

Crime Prevention

It’s an obvious advantage of using motion sensor security lights, but it’s more than what it sounds. Burglars and other criminals are more cunning nowadays; they can study your area first. But with your motion sensor security lights, they’re in for a surprise. The startling shine of your LED security lights is something they won’t anticipate, and that puts them in trouble. Partner your LED security lights with CCTV surveillance and footage is a lot clearer. Another tip: hide your motion sensor security lights or make them less inconspicuous by painting them the same color as the wall they are on. This way, motion sensor lights won’t be identifiable in the day, but startles trespassers at night.

Look Up More Options

LED security lights with motion sensors are a valuable addition to your home. But we at Ezlo can make things even a lot better. You can take a look at our catalogue of lighting options here, then browse through the entire website for other ideas for home automation. Beyond LED security lights, you may find other ways to make your home even safer. Cameras to go with your motion sensor security lights? Remote controllers to turn your LED outdoor security lights anywhere? We hope to give you all the options you need.

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