LED Outdoor Wall Lights

LED Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor lighting is a necessity for any home. With various threats to home security, it is imperative that we keep the perimeter surrounding our homes well-lit.

But whether you want to show off your home to others or not, having additional outdoor lighting to define your home’s facade is still key. LED outdoor wall lights could be one of various solutions for you to light up your porch or yard.

Outdoor wall lighting is integral for any home, and through this article, we at Ezlo would like to enumerate why it is important for you to consider ideas for outdoor wall lighting, and what these ideas could be.

A Stylish Home

Outdoor wall lighting is a viable means to spruce up your patio or porch. While most LED outdoor wall lights are meant to illuminate the nearby area it is placed at, these outdoor lighting fixtures can also be calibrated so that they will do more than just light up a small space. Here are the other wonders LED outdoor wall lights can do for your home:

Outdoor Wall Lights for Houses

Say Hello to the Neighborhood

For anyone who worked hard to make their house reach a level of aesthetic appeal, some “bragging” won’t hurt. But apart from showing off your home’s architecture, LED outdoor wall lights can also be used to give your home a specific image.

A brightly-lit yard thanks to strategically placed outdoor lighting brings about an aura or cheer to those who see the home. Choosing the right outdoor wall lighting will channel a welcoming atmosphere to everyone.

While LED outdoor wall lights in a way can “open up” your home to the neighborhood, it is through outdoor wall lighting you can also tell your neighbors that your family is generally doing well.

Installations of outdoor lighting can also help in keeping your home as identifiable to the rest of the other houses. Outdoor wall lighting can also bring a sense of identity to your home.

Added Décor

LED outdoor wall lights come in different shapes and sizes. Some can come in designs that are not as fancy as one would imagine, but for houses with ornate decor, additional outdoor lighting fixtures that don’t intrude with decor theme would be helpful. But for those who are using outdoor wall lighting to improve the mood of the patio or porch, these are designs out there you can use to beautify the outdoors and keep it well lit at the same time.

A Safe Home

Your LED outdoor wall lights can be placed strategically on walkways at the side of your home so that those who need to pass by can be guided at night. You may also opt for motion-sensor outdoor lighting that will turn on automatically. These additional functions of outdoor wall lighting are perfect for homes with senior members or those who are differently-abled, as limited mobility is a challenge for them.

Outdoor wall lighting can also be placed in areas where outsiders can enter. Use these outdoor lighting options to take care of security concerns. Putting up these outdoor lighting fixtures where security cameras are pointed at will ensure clear coverage.

Also, you can opt for strong LED outdoor wall lights, like flood lights you can hoist high up the wall, for effective task lighting. For those who want to do gardening at night, or are kept busy with automotive or other mechanical work, your LED outdoor wall lights can do more than just guide those passing by.

Some Suggestions

To further enrich your home experience with outdoor wall lighting, consider the following:

Dual-Light Wall Lighting

There are outdoor wall lighting options that beam light upwards and downwards at the same time. Use these outdoor lighting options to not only light up the floor but also to give emphasis to the wall. These LED outdoor wall lights can be used for patios with ornate wall decorations. Place these outdoor lighting fixtures as well in gardens with both ground and air plants near the walls or fences.

Measure First

The height of your wall matters, aside from how far you want your outdoor wall lighting to reach. Make sure to bring measurements with you before purchasing LED outdoor wall lights. You don’t want outdoor lighting that is either too bright or not bright at all.

Smart Home Options

Aside from motion sensors, there are other ways for you to incorporate outdoor lighting with smart home options, to make your home more innovative. LED outdoor wall lights can be hooked up with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home, so you can turn them on at a simple command. You can also schedule your outdoor wall lighting to turn on at specific times of the day, and turn off automatically to save energy. 

Speaking of Smart Homes…

We at Ezlo are committed to not only provide you with the best options for LED outdoor wall lighting, but also to bring your home to the future through home automation. Check out your options for outdoor lighting here, then explore the rest of the Ezlo website to get to know more means to install technology into home living.

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