A Quick Rundown for Outdoor LED Solar Lights

Outdoor lighting sets a different approach compared to indoor lighting. There are additional concerns such as exposure to weather and the kind of light needed for specific periods of the day, as cloudy or snowy skies can still bring a level of darkness. In line with this, there are two significant advancements that are also used together. LED lights are known to emit more brightly, while solar energy is renewable and has less impact on the environment. So imagine what putting LED solar lights outdoors can do.

LED Solar Lights Outdoors

There are many options for you on how to put LED solar lights outdoors. There are fancy string lights you can wrap around trees and columns. You can install LED solar lights outdoors in the form of strip lights that act as guides for people going downstairs or towards exits. You can hoist LED solar lights outdoors to flash on wide areas to allow you to hold parties in your yard. You can also put solar LED lights above your garden or outside the garage so that you can get some work done at night. Or perhaps place the outdoor solar lights and make them motion-sensitive to surprise burglars as they sneak at your backdoor. You may even put solar LED lights near surveillance cameras to make sure footage is recorded clearly. With these many options on how to use LED solar lights outdoors, you can surely find ways to make your front or back yard a lot more illuminated, but with less impact on your budget and the environment. But these are the known benefits of using solar LED lights. Let’s explore a few more, that maybe not many people know about.


Solar LED lights have bulbs that are engineered better than traditional lights. In average, LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, while incandescent bulbs can last only up to 2000. That’s 25 more times you can use your solar LED lights to keep your outdoors well-lit. Also, there are options so that the LED solar lights are specifically made for weather your yard usually experiences. Shifting from sunshine to rain in a span of a year is usual, but for other areas that have more frequent snowing, searing heat like those living near deserts, or for those living near bodies of water that have a damper feel to the air around, specific LED solar lights outdoors are needed. Glass tends to become brittle and may shatter unknowingly due to repeated exposure to the weather. Your solar LED lights are manufactured to make sure that they do reach 50,000 hours of light, whatever weather they may encounter.

Emergency Ready

When putting out your solar LED lights, you may opt to still hook them to electric outlets, or use traditional batteries. But one thing’s for sure: when you place LED solar lights outdoors, they will still gather energy from the sun, and this energy can be used in case there are emergencies. Many solar LED lights come in the form of floodlights that automatically go off when the power is out. This automatic feature is thanks to the solar energy that is stored in case there is a need for emergency lighting. That means your solar LED lights will still help surveillance cameras in the event of a power outage. Another advantage of solar energy batteries is that you can place your LED solar lights outdoors in places that may not be reached by electricity. Hoist up your solar LED lights up trees to shine bright on your front yard. Place them on the spot where you put out the garbage to be taken care of. Solar energy allows versatility for your solar LED lights.


What’s nice about your solar LED lights is, aside from using renewable energy, they are made of nature-friendly materials. Common bulbs have mercury in them, which can be poisonous in case bulbs shatter. Noxious materials in fluorescent and incandescent bulbs also taint the soil when put in landfills. When you use LED solar lights outdoors, you are actually doing the Earth an extra favor, during and after you use your solar LED lights.

More Choices Here

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our slate of viable solar LED lights options, and see how you can make them work for you. We at Vera support being environment friendly but still be functional and effective with your smart lighting. Allow us to assist you in achieving these through your solar LED lights.

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