Ever Considered Putting LED String Lights Outdoors?

Putting extra effort to assure the outside of your house looks elegant and stylish, while making sure it is well-kept, is a daunting task. However, you don’t have to master the fundamentals of outdoor landscaping just so your front or backyard has visual impact. You can still make things work for the outside of your home; combining function with aesthetic may not need that much of an effort.

You can start with using LED string lights outdoor, to bring outdoor lights to a brand new level, and incorporate them to the capacities of your smart home. Opting for LED outdoor string lights allows you to experiment with outdoor smart lights further, but at the same time let you rest when cost and energy efficiency are in topic. When it comes to outdoor lights, putting LED string lights outdoors is a viable option for you.

They have smart home capabilities, and they bring more benefits than having traditional lights. Let’s take a look at how outdoor string lights are beneficial to you, and why you should consider outdoor LED string lights for your front or backyard.

Led String Lights Outdoor

The Benefits

Opting for LED string lights outdoor allow for a more chic approach to outdoor lighting as these lights may also serve as decoration.

But aside from the advantage of these outdoor smart lights on beautifying your yard, there are other pluses to consider:

Money Savers

While traditional lighting uses energy to produce both light and heat, your LED string lights outdoors will use up minimal energy. In fact, these LED string lights may save you up to 90% in energy spending compared to traditional lighting options.

Also, putting up your LED outdoor lights opens you up to various size options. Small bulbs for your outdoor string lights can be opted for a small corner where the barbecue grill is, or you can use larger LED string lights outdoors to illuminate an entire backyard. Traditional lights often come in a singular or limited size options.

Also, your outdoor smart lights can be hinged to your personal AI assistant, may it be Alexa or Google, or any smart home app that can control how bright lighting can be. Outdoor smart lights to bring in the mood? Opt for a softer hue. A pool party that will require some secure lighting? Let those LED string lights outdoors brighten up the entire pool area.

Weather-Resistant Smart Outdoor Lights

Once you assemble your outdoor string lights, there is no need to bring them back in case of thunderstorms or snow days. Have the confidence that when you put up your LED string lights outdoor, they can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

That’s another way how your outdoor string lights can save you more money, because you don’t have to constantly repair or replace them. After all, smart home technology included outdoor lights to also be weather-ready, like outdoor surveillance cameras and automated sprinklers.


Your LED outdoor lights may also be customized according to your needs. We already discussed LED outdoor string lights that come in different sizes. You also have additional options of string lights that vary in length.

Hanging LED string lights outdoors will require you to measure the are to be illuminated. There are also outdoor string lights that are sold by the meter or so, like rope lights or the usual Christmas decor-type lighting many used as smart outdoor lights.

Smart Home-Compatible 

Your outdoor string lights can also be included in home automation. As discussed already, outdoor string lights can be connected to your personal AI assistant through smart switches. There are also apps that can control your LED string lights outdoors so that they emit enough light for the occasion, weather condition, or time of day.

There are even apps that can turn your outdoor lights into a mini-light show; turn the party up with customizable light programs that can play your smart outdoor lights. Opting for LED string lights outdoor sounds like a good option, both for function and to make your yard a fun place to be at.

Get your Outdoor LED Lights at Ezlo

Excited with your options for outdoor string lights? We at Ezlo have a wide array of choices for you to start assembling your LED string lights outdoor.

We hope that you get your ample needs for outdoor string lights here. Check out our other options for smart appliances and gadgets as well to help you enrich your smart home experience. May it be inside the house or where you placed your outdoor string lights, home automation is a guarantee.



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