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Make Dad’s Life a Little Easier

Fathers Day Ezlo PlusLet’s face it–it’s not easy being Dad. Sure, being a father certainly has its rewards and they are great, but it takes a lot of work… and with most dads, a lot of worry.

So, here’s an idea. While you’re looking for the perfect gift for dad, why not take this Father’s Day to make his life a little easier? And this is where the smart home comes in. We’ve compiled a small set of the best smart home scenes as examples of how a smart home can truly make dad’s life a lot easier.

Improving your security

Pair an Ezlo Plus  with motion and door sensors to monitor key access points to your home. If unusual activity is detected, dad will get an alert on his phone so he’ll know to check your security cameras and determine if action is needed.

Making life easier

With automations that simplify everyday routines, dad can put your home to work for him…instead of the other way around! Now he can turn off the lights, lower the thermostat, lock the door, and close the garage door with a single tap as he leaves home in the morning. Will he love that or what? With Ezlo’s help, setup is easy!

Uniting your voice assistants

The Ezlo VOI platform lets him control any device connected to any voice assistant. At bedtime, all he has to do is ask Alexa or Google Home to run a “Goodnight” scene. The Ezlo Plus will then turn off the lights, lower the thermostat, and lock the door. You know he’ll sleep better knowing that all is safe and secure.

Setup is a snap

You know how dads feel about instructions? The same way they do about maps! Luckily, the Ezlo Plus contains cutting-edge Z-Wave 700 series technology, which includes the Smart Start feature for simplified pairing of the latest devices to the hub. It’s so simple, he’ll have it set up before he can even proclaim, “who needs directions, anyway!?”  (P.S.: If he does need any help, he can always take advantage of our Vera Easy Start service for one-on-one personalized assistance from our staff experts.)

So, this Father’s Day, give dad the perfect gift… the gift of a more relaxed life.  

Click here  to learn more and to purchase your Ezlo smart home hub. He’ll love you for it… even more than he already does, of course!

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