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Make Smart Choices When Choosing Devices

From securing your home while hundreds of miles away and keeping your beer cold to making sure that your tropical fish are comfortable, smart home devices can perform tasks that are, frankly, nothing short of miraculous. And given all that a smart home can do, you’d think that getting set up would require a team of highly skilled professionals, right? Not so with Ezlo. In fact, with easy-to-install Ezlo devices you can make your home smarter, yourself, quicker than you can say, “dim the living room lights, Siri.”  So, where is the best place to start?  A plan.

First, choose a hub that makes sense for your home.

What’s a hub?  A hub, or controller, is to smart home devices what a modem is to your home W-Fi, providing the signal — and the instructions — to your smart devices. After all, they may be smart, but they’re not THAT smart. They need to be told what to do, and you provide instructions to them via your hub. How do I talk to this hub thing, you ask?  Through your phone, of course.  Ezlo devices, as well as hundreds of devices made by other manufacturers, can be controlled through your hub and right from your phone… all with a single app.  The first step in setting up our hub is to download the Vera app to your phone.  It will not only take you through setting up your devices, but serve as the “dashboard” from which you will manage all of your devices.  Like we said earlier, from dimming lights and watching your front door via camera to turning down the AC and making sure that puppy isn’t chewing on the leg of your new coffee table.


Speaking of ease of set up, Ezlo hubs like the Ezlo PlugHub 2, are quick, simple, and cost-effective hubs that are ideal “starter” devices. Tiny, but mighty, the PlubHub 2 is a true “plug and play” hub; no wires, no hassle, and complete control of lights, door locks, thermostats, sensors, and more. Beyond its hub capabilities, the Ezlo PlugHub 2 also makes any appliance smarter and lets users see live, daily, weekly, and monthly readouts of that device’s energy consumption. 

If you want to go big right out of the box, you might consider more robust hubs, like the  Ezlo Plus or the Ezlo Secure. These hubs support “multiple protocols” such as Zigbee and Bluetooth, and offer greater flexibility and capabilities. These hubs can make your smart home even smarter, driving more sophisticated devices such as cameras and giving you the opportunity to create automations based on user behavior and habits without even using your app; features that are not available with the Atom or the PlugHub Energy. 

Pick the right devices for your home

Out of the thousands of devices on the market, how do you choose the ones that are right for you? Like any endeavor, it’s always best to start with a plan, one that is based on your lifestyle.  Travel quite a bit?  Home security might be a priority. Simply interested in making your life a little easier? Build a system that will allow you to create automated “scenes,” such as “morning,” where the lights come up and the coffee starts brewing before both of your feet even hit the floor.  With the myriad number of devices available, including powerful and reliable, yet reasonably-priced hubs, your smart home possibilities are nearly limitless. One more consideration. If you’ve already made the move to a digital assistant such as Alexa or Siri, you’re already one step ahead of the game with an Ezlo hub. Equipped with Ezlo HELLO, these hubs are not only compatible with thousands of smart home devices, but with digital assistants, as well. 

Making your home smarter does need to be expensive, stressful or complicated; provided that you plan ahead and make smart choices when it comes to choosing devices.

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