Marantec Garage Door Openers

The Marantec range of garage door openers have a lot to offer. They are among the best products in their class and can be seen in many homes and businesses around the world. They offer the ultimate convenience as well as a variety of safety features to help protect your home. With the Marantec garage door opener you can automate your garage door and improve your security at the same time.

Marantec Garage Door Openers

As a homeowner, you can significantly benefit from using a modern, state-of-the-art garage door opener that helps to prevent unauthorized access to your home. You want to keep intruders out, and with a secure system to protect your garage entrance, this risk is significantly reduced. Businesses can also use these modern systems to only allow access to authorized individuals, safeguarding their property.

The Marantec system uses state of the art technology to help automate your garage door’s functionality and also significantly improve security. The system uses various features to reduce energy consumption, increase security and offer a smooth operation.

Marantec has been around for more than 50 years, supplying innovative products to homes and businesses. The Marantec garage door opener is a great way to ensure that your home is protected and also at the same time that your garage works smoothly and is energy efficient.

The Marantec Comfort range offers the ultimate in technology and convenience as these openers offer a quiet operation, backup battery capabilities, as well as the option to open and close your garage door conveniently from your vehicle with the latest technology.

Features of Marantec Garage Door Openers

Whether you have a single garage door to open, or multiple doors to work on the same system, the Marantec system can handle doors large and small, lightweight or heavy, and even sectional doors and up and over doors. There are different models available, with some of the higher end options being able to lift garage doors of more than 100 lbs at a time.

The remote and keypad are very easy to program in the entire system’s operation is modern and sophisticated. This is one of the best looking garage door openers available with patented technology to reduce energy consumption and provide you with all the additional security features you need.

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