The Marantec Garage Door Opener

Modern garage door openers have a lot of benefits to offer, which is why they can be seen in many homes and businesses today. They offer the ultimate convenience as well as a variety of safety features to help protect the entrances to your home or office. With the Marantec garage door opener you can automate your garage door and improve your security at the same time.


With a range of garage door openers for your home or office your Marantec system uses state of the art technology to help automate your garage door’s functionality and improve efficiency. The system uses various features to reduce energy consumption, increase security and offer a smooth operation.

Any homeowner can benefit from a garage door opener that can help to prevent unauthorized access to their garage, which automatically means that they will also eliminate intruders in their home. The garage door opening is a popular choice for intruders to use, but with a secure system this problem is significantly reduced. Businesses can also use the systems to only allow access to authorized individuals, thereby safeguarding their property and their employees.

The range of Marantec garage door openers is a great way to add security and convenience to your home. The Comfort 300 range specialisees in comfort and efficiency, where the technology reduces energy consumption while the door operates at the fastest speeds. The system also has modern LED lights that offer efficient lighting in your garage when the door is opened and closed.

The Comfort 200 series are real classic systems. They have door-friendly controls, are energy efficient and also feature the same great LED lighting options. The Comfort 260 is a battery powered opener that has a high-quality rechargeable battery that supplies the door with power for an extended period of time. The battery can easily be disconnected and recharged to have continuous power.

Features of the Marantec Garage Door Opener

Marantec has a range of garage door openers for every need. Whether you have a single garage door to open, or multiple doors to work on the same system, the Marantec garage door opener is a state-of-the-art system that will also help you to improve security at your home significantly. This system can handle doors large and small, lightweight or heavy, and even sectional doors and up and over doors. They offer a fast open and close solution, using minimal energy and providing a very efficient security system. This garage door opener has a quiet operation, and can open heavy garage doors with ease.

There are different models available, with some of the higher end options being able to lift garage doors of more than 100 lbs at a time. They can open and close doors up to 250 m/s and deliver a bright LED lights of at least 160 watts. This means that you will have instant lighting in your garage that is activated by movement. This also adds to the security as you will never have to work or enter a dark garage area.

Another great benefit of the Marantec garage door opener is that it will allow your garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it senses something in the way when closing. It works with a beam that can pick up any obstruction in the way, allowing it to immediately stop and prevent any unnecessary damage or injuries to anyone.

The remote and keypad are very easy to program in the entire system’s operation is modern and sophisticated. This is one of the best looking garage door openers available with patented technology to reduce energy consumption and provide you with all the additional security features you need.

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