Meet Atom. The little hub that could

The Goliath-slayer of home automation devices, the Ezlo Atom is a smart home hub that punches well above its weight; which, believe it or not, is just 1.12 ounces.

Featuring Z-Wave 700-series technology with Smart Start™ for simple system setup, this little dynamo lets you control Z-Wave devices across the entire spectrum of home automation, from indoor and outdoor lights, and thermostats, to door locks, sensors, and much, much more. (PS: Want to see just how simple set up is? Check out our video). Plus, with our patent pending Ezlo VOI feature, Atom gives you the power to control over 27,000 Wi-Fi devices associated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Atom makes home control what it should be: simple and affordable. From turning on your lights before you get home to securing things for the night from the comfort of your bed—and even detecting small leaks before they grow to huge financial drains—the Atom offers the convenience and peace of mind you’ve been waiting for… and at an amazing price.

No more bruised shins 

You’re ready to call it a night so you turn off the living room lights and head off to bed. Will you bruise your shin again as you stumble into that coffee table? Not this time. Not since you paired a motion sensor with a smart lamp and plugged it into a smart plug. Now you can land safely in bed; doors locked, lights out, and completely bruise free.

Humidity is great… when it’s on purpose, like a sauna.

Controlling the climate in your home is essential to comfort, right? After all, you shouldn’t be sweating it out in your living room. But complete humidity control solutions can be costly. Here’s an idea: Simply add a smart plug to an ordinary, inexpensive, off-the-shelf humidifier and viola!  The comfort you want at a cost you can live with. 

Unlike kids, devices do what they’re told.

Got gamers at home? We know how useless our own voice commands can often be with kids, but we know they’ll listen to Atom. Plug your TV and gaming console into a smart plug and with Ezlo VOI, your kids can use Alexa or Google to turn the devices on and off. Better still, you can, too. When it’s homework time and they’re not listening, you can turn everything off remotely from your mobile app.  You’re happy and the kids are doing great in school.

Stop those vampires from draining all your juice.

According to the Department of Energy, vampire appliances account for 10% of energy used in the average home. What a waste!  While going around the house and unplugged every vampire device would save you money, that’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Instead, why not plug all of those energy-sucking devices such as cable boxes and DVRs into a smart plug? Shut off the plug and you’ve driven a stake into the heart of those juice-sucking devices. Easy, wasn’t it?

How to avoid sending out a vacation break-in invitation

Do lights deter burglars?  Not always. In fact, lights can sometimes serve as vacation break-in invitations. The key is to make your home look occupied. With smart plugs and hubs, you can automate your interior lights to reflect your normal, at-home routine. Set them to come on in the kitchen, living area, and bedrooms as it gets dark, then to shut off one by one throughout the night. Anyone watching your home will think you’re there. And that’s just what you want them to think.

Are you crazy?  Don’t go in there!

Ever watch a horror movie and find yourself screaming at the television, “don’t go in there!,” when some unsuspecting character enters a dark house?  Not a good idea, is it? Atom can make sure that neither you, nor your loved ones, ever come home to a dark house again. One way is simple geo-fencing, which can detect when you’re arriving home from your cell phone’s location. Another is to use your phone as a remote control to switch on lights as you arrive. You have several options, all with the same result: A safer home.

Do you smell something burning?

“I think I left the iron on.” In the days before man-made fabrics, that was a pretty common statement.  Today, however, not so much. But, the fear of leaving on some appliance – like an oven or stove – that can burn down your home, is still very real. By adding an Atom and smart plug, you can use a geofence trigger to automatically switch off any appliance in your home (like that one that could burn it to the ground) when, say, you pull out of the driveway. Less worry for you, less work for your local fire department.

Keep those kids out of places where they don’t belong… in a nice way, of course.

There are certain places in a home where kids don’t belong.  If you have kids, you know where those places are. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. If, in the unlikely event that one of the younger members of your family decides to, say, sneak out of the house, gain access to a liquor cabinet, or get into some other mischief, Atom can help you keep an eye on things. Door/window sensors will alert you when tripped and cameras can be added to make sure that you have evidence when you get the inevitable, “I swear it wasn’t me!”

Finally, and believe it or not, these are just a few of the miracles this little device can perform in your home. To learn more about Atom, or to just go for it and buy one, visit now!

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