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Motion Sensor Closet Light

Understanding the Value of a Motion Closet Light


Motion Sensor Closet Light

A motion sensor closet light is one of the essential things to have in your closet. Whether big or small, you will always need a reliable light to help you find what you want inside your closet.

What is a motion sensor closet light?

What is Motion Sensor Closet Light

A motion closet light is an LED light containing an invisible infrared sensor that fits in your closet. When you open the door, the infrared sensors will detect your movement, turning on the LED light automatically, and you can effortlessly find things in your closet. The LED bulb will automatically turn off once you close the door and no other movement is detected. These kinds of lights provide great convenience and can save electricity.

Types of Motion Sensors Light


Types of Motion Sensors

Motion sensors come in three different types: infrared, ultrasonic, and microwave.

Infrared sensors detect temperature changes, like the body heat of an animal or human.

Ultrasonic sensors emit high-frequency sound waves and measure changes in their return trip timing and strength to detect motion.

Microwave sensors emit low-level microwave radiation, which bounces off moving objects back to the sensor.

How does it work?

A motion sensor closet light comes with two parts – an infrared detector and LED lights. The infrared detector detects any motion in its focus area, while the LEDs provide bright white lighting to illuminate your closet as soon as you open the door.

The infrared detector makes up each unit and can sense when someone opens or closes the door by detecting heat signatures from human bodies. Depending on ceiling height, you can fix them on top where most doors meet their frames but above eye level.

What to Look For In a Motion Sensor Closet Light?

Type of Lights

Whatever your reason, there are some things you’ll want to consider when choosing a motion sensor closet light.


The whole point of a motion sensor light is to help you navigate dark spaces. So when choosing one, finding the right sensitivity level is vital. You want it to light up at the right time for you and your space.

You might also consider getting one with a dimmer switch or adjustable brightness. That way, you can choose the right amount of light for whatever you’re doing, whether you are looking to grab something from your closet or do some heavy-duty organizing.

Know your space

Is your closet large or small? The size determines the kind of lights you can use. For example, if you have a small closet, you may only need to get a single bulb, but if it’s bigger, then multiple bulbs will be best.

Determine the type of lights

Type of Lights

You will want a motion sensor light with an LED bulb. LED bulbs last longer than other bulbs, and they don’t get as hot, which can be vital if you’re looking to mount them in a small space like a closet.

Consider what kind of power source is most convenient for you

Does it need batteries, or can it be plugged into the wall? You’ll want this to be as easy as possible so that you can turn on the lights and get on with your day. Battery-powered models operate on AA batteries and are easy to install with adhesive backing. Hardwired lights need wiring into your electrical system, which might require some expertise or help from an electrician. Plug-in lights need to plug into your wall outlets.

Ease of Installation

You’ll want something that’s easy to install and fits your closet’s design. Some lights come with adhesive tape, some clip onto shelves and bars, and others hang.

It’s always nice to have multiple mounting options. You might start by sticking yours on using sticky tape or another mounting method that doesn’t require screws but then decide later that you want to be able to move it around more easily or attach it more securely to your wall or ceiling. Having various mounting options gives you that flexibility.


A motion sensor light can quickly help you find the items inside when you have a dark closet. This device turns on when it detects motion, providing enough light to find things inside. There are several factors you need to consider before buying.

Battery life is paramount because it determines how long your device will work without a need for replacement. As for the light bulb, it’s best to choose an LED as it consumes less energy and lasts longer. Some LEDs have a built-in dimmer function to adjust the brightness. You may also need to decide if you want a wireless or wired model.
You will feel more comfortable and convenient with the motion sensor closet light. The light can detect when you open your wardrobe and automatically turns on the light. Besides, it will turn off automatically once you close the door.

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