Motion Triggers and Automations in EZLogic

Our previous guide looked at” For” and “At Least” Functions, where you receive a notification when the door is left open for at least three minutes to avoid notifications if the door is only left open for a shorter period.

Next, we create an example featuring a motion-activated light (Big Globe Lamp).

Start by creating a new MeshBot.

Click “Create New MeshBot” and select “Local.”

Give the rule a name.

Add a trigger for the motion sensor by using the “Device” node and indicate the motion sensor device you want to use (we are using Fibora Motion Sensor).

Next, select the device capability you want to use; for example, we pick “Whenever motion sensor stops detecting motion whether is armed or disarmed.”

Press the function button to select “For” and “At least” functions.

Next, choose the duration, normally five to ten minutes, but we will use a shorter time of 20 seconds in our test case.

Next, go to “Action,” and on the “True” side, select “Add Action,” then select the “Device” node.

Select the light or lamp you wish to control (here, we use Big Globe Lamp).

To select which capability you want to use, select “Switch” and ensure to select “Off” for the true action.

You also need to create an action on the “False” side, so select “Add action” and select “Device>Big Globe Lamp>Switch,” and this time select “On.”

Remember, for the “True” action switch, lights should be “Off,” and for the “False” action switch, lights should be “On.”

Next, save the rule.

Go to the Android mobile app.

On the main menu, select “Devices.”

You will see Big Globe Lamp and the Fibaro Motion Sensor bearing a grey icon on display, which means it isn’t detecting any motion at that moment.

If you trip the motion sensor by waving your hand, the Fibaro Motion Sensor turns red, signifying it has been tripped and is detecting motion.

The light turns on immediately, and the sensor icon will turn grey when it no longer detects motion.

The lights will turn off after the specified 20 seconds when there is no motion, and the sensor icon turns grey. Otherwise, if there is still motion in the room, the sensor icon will remain red, and lights will not turn off.

EZLogic’s easy-to-use system lets you do many things with motion triggers and automation using “For” and “At Least” functions.

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