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New Smart Home Devices

The Best New Smart Home Devices in 2022

Smart home devices have caused quite a buzz in 2022, with many homeowners seeking to add a more convenient way to control appliances. What was considered a system restricted for the rich, new smart home technology is now accessible and pocket friendly? 

Technology experts are constantly coming up with new home automation devices. This tech means that in 2022, there will be many new devices to anticipate. We’ve compiled a list of 4 new smart home devices you should consider. 

New Smart Home Devices

Automating your home is not as tedious and expensive as many people think. With the right tools, you can fully automate your home in stages. The trick is to purchase individual devices and slowly integrate them into your smart-home ecosystem. Let’s look at some of the highly recommended devices and appliances in 2022. 

New Smart Home DevicesSmart Fridge

While an automated fridge may be pricey, it is one device that is worth the investment. The reason is that it allows you to keep tabs on your groceries and customize your shopping list. A Smart-Fridge also enables you to create and share schedules with everyone in your home to facilitate a more efficient storing system. 

New Smart-Fridge technology includes a user-friendly touchscreen on the fridge door that lists all the items in it. This technology also allows you to check what is in your fridge remotely. Essentially, you have a list of all the food items you have and what you need to restock. All this information is accessible via any internet-enabled smart device. 

Smart Fridges integrate into your entertainment system. You can control your music and TV and make a playlist through your fridge. There are several other perks you get here, all of which are convenient and readily accessible. 

Smart Alarm Systems

It is impossible to consider your home fully automated without a fully functional security system. While many home security devices are for monitoring, it is critical to invest in equipment that focuses on crime prevention. Modern cameras have infrared, spotlight, and remote access. All these combined enable you to monitor and alert law enforcement in real-time. 

An automated alarm system connects to an emergency response hotline that helps you know what to do in a crisis. These systems have fire, flood, smoke, gas, and motion detectors that help avert a crisis.

Smart Alarm Systems

What you get here is constant video recording and monitoring of unusual activity. Of all the new smart home devices on the market, alarm systems are the most critical purchase. 

Smart Devices For Pets

Modern home security systems come equipped with motion detection. This feature is a problem mainly because most people own pets. Without the proper equipment, you will have constant false alarms. The best solution for this is to invest in smart devices for pets. 

New pet monitoring systems allow you to access live streaming when you are away, and you can talk to your pets through automation integration technology. This system also enables you to receive alerts when your pet is in distress. A two-way audio speaker helps you hear and respond to your pet. This speaker creates the illusion that you are around. 

Hearing your voice through a speakerphone is comforting to your pet, and it helps ease their anxiety. Note that almost 40% of homeowners in the United States have pets. With this in mind, it has become critical to ensure any new systems you install in your home favor pet ownership. 

In addition to smart devices for pets, you may need to build custom access points to allow them to enter and exit your premises without setting off any alarms. 

Smart Plumbing

Did you know that there are over 14000 water damage emergencies every day? What’s scarier is that non-weather-related water damage runs costs of up to $13 billion a year. Essentially, you are looking at the damage caused by leaking/burst pipes, washing machines, fridges, and sinks. 

These statistics are the main reason why smart plumbing is a crucial addition to your home automation system. What you get here is a monitoring system that monitors water use. This system also facilitates a more efficient water release schedule that controls your usage and saves energy. 

The most critical feature of this tech is to identify leaks as soon as they happen and help prevent irreparable water damage. Up to 80% of insurance cases involve leaks that were not identified and led to severe damage over time. 

Essentially, an automated plumbing system provides a sophisticated and effective way to monitor your water supply line and prevent disaster. It automatically shuts off the water supply when a problem is detected, effectively preventing further damage to your property. 

Bottom Line

Home automation is all about improving convenience. 50% of homeowners in the U.S. have adopted some form of automation device, and this number will mushroom in the next five years.

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