Outdoor Barn Lights: What Are They, Why Use Them?

Outdoor Barn Lights

They look old-fashioned, rustic, even cartoonish. You’d see them in classic Western cowboy movies perhaps as a prop or decoration to bring out the period feel. Yet you still see them in some restaurants and bars, and surprisingly some homes. These are outdoor barn lights, and even if they have met their heyday, they still bring a folksy charm to the modern era. As exterior lighting, they provide a powerful ray that allows you to do whatever work you need to finish. Modernize them by putting in LED lights and you have for yourself an energy saving light fixture that is also decorative in nature. Outdoor lights don’t necessarily look like your average outdoor lighting option, but give LED barn lights a chance. Aside from exterior garage lighting, there are other places to put them. Let’s discuss outdoor barn lights more in detail, but let’s focus more on turning them into LED barn lights, to get a good mix of the past’s aesthetic, but with modern functionality.


The term “barn light” has a broad definition for pendant lights used as fixtures for farm storage houses, silos, and stables. These are mostly used indoors, and the design includes a cylindrical cover. While pendant lights hang straight from the ceiling, the term “barn light” is often associated with fixtures connected on the top side of a wall, as opposed to being hung from the top. There are even “gooseneck” outdoor barn lights because of how the electric wire is shaped.

Consider LED barn lights as an upgrade to gooseneck lights that date all the way back to the mid-century. These LED barn lights last longer, because of modern engineering that makes LED bulbs shine for up to 50,000 hours. Your outdoor lights will withstand harsh weather conditions, making them appropriate to be placed within the perimeter of your garage or backyard. LED barn lights are also made of non-toxic environment-friendly materials that will not taint the soil when thrown away. Of course, the design of these LED lights have been upgraded not only with materials but also in style, giving you further choices on which LED barn lights to install both to beautify your home and keep your yard bright all night long.


Since these outdoor barn lights come both as pendant lights or side wall lights, you have a lot of options where to put them. As pendant LED lights, place them on high tree branches to act as warm lighting for when you have quaint gatherings in the front yard or garden. Install your LED lights on top of your pool table to give better game focus. Install side LED lights in the covered patio and let it double as a decoration, or maybe outside focusing on the side pathways of your house. Place these LED lights on top of the garage door and turn them into motion sensor lights, so that when the car arrives, you don’t have to go out and flick the switch on your LED lights. Or maybe place your LED barn lights on top of your front door, to welcome guests. Wherever outside your house, you can find a placement for your outdoor lights.


Most of the advantage of outdoor barn lights is its conical cover. These LED lights produce a more concentrated ray of light to a specific area, rather than with bulbs that are simply open. Use your LED barn lights on areas that need better illumination particularly to be monitored from a distance. Placing them in the back areas of the house will not only allow you to take a better look while inside, but also to act as a warning that this particular area is being watched. Also, your outdoor barn lights will work best for longer periods. With a focused beam partnered with the longevity of LED lights, you’ll get your outdoor activities done without lighting problems. And with the many possible designs these LED lights have, you can choose from the simplest to the most ornate. You may install outdoor lights also as an option to decorate your home from the outside. Beautify with function through LED barn lights.

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We at Vera would like to open you up to a multitude of options on how you can put LED barn lights into your home. Head on over to a multitude of options for LED lights that you can turn into LED barn lights. We hope you find what you need through our help here in Vera. Customize your outdoor barn lights, pick a variety of LED barn lights, have it your way. LED lights are the way to go.

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