Considering Options for Outdoor Ceiling Lights

May it be a patio, an open grass-covered yard, or an outdoor pool, spaces outside of the home are significant areas for family bonding, inviting friends over, or for exercise like yoga and swimming. One way for you to maximize the use of your outdoor spaces is to install outdoor ceiling lights that will keep your front or backyard well-lit in case you want to invite friends over for dinner, or do a nightly swim. You have a lot of options for outdoor lighting. You may use your outdoor lights to spruce up your boring patio, shine a light on areas that might need better illumination, or hit two stones with one bird by incorporating function and aesthetic all in one. Your outdoor lights do not have to be the boring kind. We at Ezlo would like to introduce you to possible options for outdoor lights, and where they may work the best. Outdoor lighting is not simply putting lights on an area. It has to be strategic. Deciding the type of outdoor lighting you need depends on the space that will need your attention. Let’s list down different types of outdoor ceiling smart lights and how to use them.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

The Different Kinds

Let’s focus on three kinds of outdoor lighting that you may use for various needs regarding outdoor lights. We have string lights that are a more decorative type of outdoor lighting, flood lights that are potent in illuminating spaces, and pendant lights that seemingly bring the indoors outside. Know that these functions are very particular to the kind of outdoor ceiling lights you will need.

String Lights

These kinds of outdoor ceiling lights are the types you will see in al fresco restaurants, beaches, concert grounds, and other outdoor-type venues. Using string lights as outdoor lighting is effective in bringing a festive feeling to the area. When used as outdoor lights, they not only shine on a wide area, but also give a nostalgic feel, as these outdoor lights are used in more vintage eras. String lights may not be as bright as the sun during the day, but they may have enough lighting for people to do leisurely activities in the front or backyard. You may use these as outdoor lighting by hoisting them from end to end on top of the area. These outdoor ceiling smart lights will also double as decorations and are versatile to bring out the festive feeling whatever the celebration is. As outdoor lighting, string lights veer more to the fun side, but can still perform the proper function expected of outdoor ceiling lights.

Flood Lights

You may see these outdoor lights in streets, parks, or other public urban spaces. Flood lights emit a powerful ray that is more functional than decorative in function. Place them on high walls, trees, or posts, and they act as outdoor lights for activities that may need better lighting. Late night gardening might need outdoor lighting as strong as flood lights, and so does fixing the car or doing laundry. These outdoor lights may also be used to secure the perimeter of the house. As outdoor ceiling lights, they may be activated using motion sensors, so that wild animals and burglars will be started with your house’s outdoor lighting. Flood lights may also be used alongside surveillance cameras to take better coverage of what is happening outside. Floodlights are good options for outdoor lights, moreover as outdoor ceiling lights

Pendant Lights

For covered areas outside, like patios or verandas, pendant lights are more appropriate outdoor lights. They seem to dangle like a pendant, and they concentrate lighting for small areas. If you have a porch outside, hoist these lights on the ceiling and it seems like you have a living room outdoors. As outdoor lighting, pendant lights bring in a more laid-back feel. They are viable outdoor ceiling smart lights for a more indoor decoration feel, compared to string lights and floodlights. But pendant lights are good outdoor lights nonetheless.

What’s Your Pick?

So, what will it be? What will be you using as outdoor ceiling lights? What’s good about these options is that your different outdoor lighting needs are pretty much covered by these three. Outdoor lighting that brings in the joy of celebration? String lights. Outdoor lights that enable you to do serious work? Flood lights. Outdoor ceiling lights for relaxation at the patio? Pendant lights. You can buy all three types for your outdoor lighting needs, even if you’re new to outdoor lighting.

Head on over to our list of possible lighting options. We at Ezlo are hoping that this article helped you in deciding the best outdoor ceiling smart lights for your home.

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