Outdoor Decorative Lights

Outdoor Decorative Lights

Easy Outdoor Decorative Lights Ideas for Everyone

Outdoor landscape decoration sounds unnecessarily tasking. Aside from taking a lot of your time, hiring a professional to do the sprucing up for you might leave you penniless, and there’s the risk that your own aesthetic might not be what that person has in mind. There is also the need for research, to know how to apply trends in outdoor decoration. But if there is a way for you to incorporate your personal touch easily into how you want the outside of your home to look, it can be through outdoor decorative lights. There are a lot of outdoor lighting ideas out there. Some could even save you some bucks if used thoughtfully. But through this article, we here at Ezlo would like to present to you how two kinds of outdoor decorative lights can be enough in bringing out the best in your outdoors. May it be your patio or yard but there are proper outdoor lighting ideas that you can apply so that your home shines with beauty, thanks to outdoor decorative lights.

String Lights

Someone mentions string lights and what comes to mind are these flashy Christmas lights that are used not only for the holidays but also to adorn windows in shopping malls and boutiques. But there are more outdoor lighting ideas out there than just merely for advertising or the festivities. String lights are actually a quick option for outdoor decorative lights. With a series of bulbs connected together using a wire, the outdoor lighting ideas are endless. These outdoor decorative lights even have further options by varying the size of the bulbs, colors, even the combination of colors or if these flash on and off. Take a look at these possible outdoor lighting ideas you can use for the outside of your home:


Overhead Lighting

Spanning across the top of your pool or yard, hoist up these outdoor decorative lights and these pieces of outdoor lighting ideas will give a quaint glow: not too bright that it takes away the magic of the night, but just enough light so that everyone goes about their activities with ease. Other outdoor lighting ideas involving string lights as ceiling lights involve intertwining them with other hanged decorations, like paper lanterns out of colored paper. Hook up these outdoor decorative lights to an app that can program a mini light show and a combination of these outdoor lighting ideas will produce a visual treat for your guests.


It’s A Wrap

You may also use these outdoor decorative lights to wrap around almost everything: tree trunks, patio columns, even some furniture. Other outdoor lighting ideas include covering up walls with string lights so that you can use these walls for fancy photography.

Lantern Lights

Whether they are attached to the ceiling, the wall, or not attached at all, these outdoor decorative lights are surefire ways to up the ante on your outdoor lighting ideas. While string lights spread small sources of glow as a specific area, lanterns produce a bright beam of light, but can still be a viable option for outdoor decorative lights.


On All Corners

Whether it’s your garden, patio, or porch, place your lanterns on specific corners that will add not only to the area’s illumination, but also to spruce it up with some quaint lighting. Other outdoor lighting ideas may include placing these lights besides furniture or beside trees and other garden plants.

As a Centerpiece

This should be a no-brainer. These outdoor decorative lights turn a boring tabletop into a spruced up area for conversatiosn when you include lanterns in outdoor lighting ideas for your patio or garden tables. How about placing a bunch of lanterns at the center of your garden to mimic the glow of a bonfire? Together or individually, you can come up with various outdoor decorative lights with your lanterns.


Decorative Night Lights

There Are Many Options!

Don’t stop here yet. There are other outdoor decorative lights out there that are waiting for you to give them a try. Further outdoor lighting ideas include floating lights you can place on your pool, LED strip lights that you can place behind stairs for a radiant glow, and so on. Lanterns and string lights are not the only outdoor lighting ideas you can implement at home. There are a lot of options for outdoor decorative lights out there.

Would you like some help? We at Ezlo can offer you further outdoor lighting ideas. For starters, take a look at our catalogue of lighting options. The possibilities are endless!

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