The Benefits of Outdoor Garage Lights

The garage: a key area in any household. Yes it’s a space dedicated for vehicles, but it can do a lot more. It’s a storage area, a crafts room, even a spare bedroom if you’re in a pinch. Putting up outdoor garage lights can expand this functionality. Outdoor wall lighting can turn the near vicinity of the garage into usable space for more possibilities. Exterior garage lights will also bring better aesthetics to your garage. But even if you use your garage for dirty hands-on work, like fixing appliances or doing car maintenance, it doesn’t have to look that way, specifically from the outside. Installing smart outdoor garage lights will put your garage into a whole new perspective.

Why Light the Outside?

Exterior garage lights may just be an option, but think of the possibilities. With some outdoor wall lighting to illuminate a sizable outdoor spot, you and your family can do a lot more with the space. Using outdoor garage lights and installing more outdoor wall lighting may take a few dollars, but trust us with the following advantages:

Get More Work Done

With ample exterior garage lights, bring your work outside the garage, but not too far. Your tool box is probably located in the garage, so why not extend your workspace to the nearest area possible? Outdoor garage lights will let you bring the car outside for more elbow room to stretch out your work, specifically at night time or when it’s too cloudy to work outside. You can also do more chores in the evening: laundry, gardening, the list goes on. Put a basketball hoop or soccer goal net nearby and fire up the outdoor wall lighting: you have yourself and mini-court. Smart outdoor garage lights let you do a lot more.

Improve the Décor

You may opt for more ornamental exterior garage lights than the usual flood lighting. String lights may do the trick for a more nostalgic vibe, and lantern-type outdoor wall lighting will make your garage look a lot more posh. When choosing outdoor garage lights, don’t limit yourself to flood lights. Outdoor wall lighting can come in many forms.

Garage to Function Room

With a few organization tricks, garages can be functional spaces. If your garage is always kept tidy, try opening up the garage doors and setting up tables and chairs in the open area. You have yourself a veranda simple gatherings. It’ll help further if you use outdoor garage lights that are potent enough to light the area; add some decorating lighting, like colorful LED rope lights, and it’s really now a party.

Some Tips, Though

Excited to buy outdoor wall lights? Hold that thought. Outdoor wall lighting might be exciting, but some preparation in buying exterior garage lights is compulsory. If you’re now convinced that you’ll use exterior garage lights, here are some tips to follow:

Choose Lights Wisely

Measure the outer area of the garage, and just how wide your exterior garage lights should cover. Measure the height of your garage walls as well. Without these numbers, you might end up buying outdoor wall lighting that is too bright or not enough for the entire space.

Decorate Properly

Exterior garage lights can be decorative too, but match them with your house’s existing outdoor decor. Some exterior garage lights can be more ornamental than others, so choose wisely. It could also be a quick fix to just pick out flood lights as outdoor wall lighting, since they function just as they look.

The Long and Short of It

A common mistake when buying outdoor garage lights is that people don’t consider how outdoor wall lighting is supposed to help you locate the garage. They only see how the outdoor wall lighting will only light up the front of the garage, a very short distance. They don’t consider how the exterior garage lights are supposed to also help you see the garage at long distances. Keep this in mind when choosing smart outdoor garage lights. Your outdoor wall lighting should help in navigation, too.

Automation is an Option

Another idea you might want to include is automating your exterior garage lights through motions sensors or app access. While an automated garage door is one thing, partnering them with smart outdoor garage lights would be great. To aid you in decisions regarding your outdoor garage lights, head on over to our catalog of lighting ideas and take you to pick. We hope that we at Vera are able to help you with your exterior garage lights needs.

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