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What to Do with your Outdoor Garland with Lights 

Pine needles, tiny lights, deep green: this sounds like a combination for holiday decorations, particularly this outdoor garland with lights that are used as trim for fences and windows, or for Christmas wreaths. These pine garlands are a staple to help bring up the Yuletide feel to any home or establishment. Since pine garland Christmas lights are often sturdy, using an outdoor garland with lights is safe because it is weatherproof.

Outdoor Garland with Lights"

But what happens when carols are no longer sung? Is it time to put your rolls of Christmas lights into the storage bin? Imagine that’s some bucks you’ll only get value for during a specific time in the year.

But we at Ezlo would like to present more ideas to use these Christmas lights all-year round. Your pine garlands may bring in a holiday feel, but if you tweak the placement and appearance of your outdoor garland with lights, your Christmas lights will be shining but as celebratory as the star of the first Christmas night.

With just some handy variations, your outdoor garland with lights will simply be a string of pine leaves with string lights for accents. Let’s look at your options.


But First… Remove the Yule!  

Chances are, your outdoor garland with lights is adorned with additional holiday decors. Yes it has Christmas lights attached to it, but we will not remove those. To desensitize your pine garland from all the yuletide cheer, grab your wire clippers, heavy-duty scissors, or any other strong tool that can yank off attached decors like little gingerbread men, candy canes, and gold stars.

By the end, your outdoor garland with lights should only look like plain pine garland Christmas lights. Now you’re off to a good start.


Location, Not Decoration 

Before deciding where to put your outdoor garland with lights, let’s mark off some areas that we won’t put them in. The idea of it being a decoration means you won’t place them as decoration. Let’s put it this way: you won’t put it in places where it will be noticed when someone walks in the room.

So don’t put your pine garlands with Christmas lights on areas like around the door, as trim on the fireplace or railings of stairs, window panes, and so forth.


Use the Lights as Guides  

Place your outdoor garland with lights at the sides of stairs steps, or where there are raised platforms like at your porch or deck entrance. You may also put your pine garlands at the side of garden walkways, where greenery will blend in naturally. These areas will help people walk better especially during the night.

Especially if you have family members with reduced mobility, these options on how to use Christmas lights will be well-received.


Create a Photo Wall 

Here’s an idea: cluster your outdoor garland with lights to cover a large area of a wall in the porch or patio. The dark color of the pine garlands provide an appropriate photo background, while the shimmering Christmas lights accent the photo with just the right sparkle.

Plus, the deep green of your outdoor garland with lights can be accented with other holiday decors. It’s a baby shower? Place baby-related items like pacifiers and baby bottles on the greenery. The holiday-appropriateness of your outdoor garland with lights just reached flexibility.


Embrace the Fake

How about manipulating your outdoor garland with lights to look like as if they are coming out of pots? How about bending your pine garlands to look like they’re vines creeping throughout the ceiling? With just some imagination, your pine garlands will look like plants in the day, but may be turned on so that the Christmas lights will provide festive joy during house parties.

After all, pine garlands are fake plants, and there’s nothing wrong about being fake here. Also, remember that Christmas lights are used year-round as decors on boutique windows and showrooms. You can use Christmas lights year-round.

In the End… These are String LightsBest Outdoor Garland Lights

To sum it up, just remember that your pine garlands Christmas lights are simply string lights waiting to be repurposed. There are many ways to use string lights around your house, both for decoration and function.

With some effort, you can turn your pine garlands’ Christmas lights into year-long lighting that has both function and aesthetic.

Head on over to Ezlo’s catalogue of lighting options in case you are in the mood for more means to light up your home, especially if you are interested in smart home lighting. We at Ezlo hope to help you with more practical lighting options, beyond Christmas lights.


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