How to Pick your Outdoor Hanging Lights

If you’ve started using LED lights for your home, you’ve taken a significant step towards saving both energy and electricity bills. However, make sure that your LED choices do not stop indoors. LED outdoor lighting is also a key element for many homes, as your choices for outdoor lighting have to consider both function and aesthetic concerns.

A way to achieve both is by using outdoor hanging lights that not only make your front or backyard well-lit, but also pleasing to the eye. If you plan to elevate your living conditions further by turning your house into a smart home (something we at Ezlo  can greatly assist you with), there are also additional steps you can take to align smart home capabilities with the rest of your outdoor gadgets. But let’s take it one step at a time, and LED outside lighting is an easy one to pursue for starters.

Identify first the areas you need to put LED outdoor lighting on, and from there it’s pretty simple to pick your outdoor hanging lights.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

Weather Conditions

While outdoor lighting should be able to withstand any kind of weather conditions, there are certain lighting options that are more appropriate with how often the area experiences differing temperatures and dampness levels.

There are even considerations when it comes to weather-related locations. Let’s list them down:

Indoor Rating

Obviously, you won’t need your outdoor hanging lights for this rating. Your bedroom, living room, or basement won’t need weather-ready LED outdoor lighting as room temperature rarely goes to dangerous levels. Regular lighting will suffice in these conditions.

Damp Rating

Your kitchen, screened patio, or verandas may experience a slight spike in temperatures. While mosquito netting or windows may block some of the rain and snow, chances are these areas may still get a bit hotter or colder most of the time, but not as exposed as your outdoor pavement or backyard garden.

Specialized LED outside lighting may be opted for these areas. There are outdoor lighting options that can withstand menial yet often shifts in temperature. You can always ask your nearest hardware store for outdoor hanging lights or other LED outside lighting options for this rating.

Outdoor Rating

The walkway to your gate and your back lot will always be subject to rains and snow. For those living beside the beach, the sea breeze carries a saltiness to it that can contribute to corrosion. In these cases, outside lighting sturdy enough for said conditions are necessary. Your outdoor hanging lights are to take in a lot of pounding from the skies, may it be water, ice, even everyday exposure to sunshine.

Types of Hanging Lighting

What areas outside of your home are you illuminating? The type of hanging lights you choose should be appropriate to the kind of outdoor lighting needed. You wouldn’t want to waste a bunch of LED outside lighting only to realize that the area needs only a few outdoor hanging lights. Let’s see our options:

Pendant Lights

There are certain outdoor hanging lights that simply hang from the ceiling like a pendant. These types of LED outdoor lighting often comes in the form of a single bulb and a supporting fixture.

Option for these hanging lights for small areas to illuminate: a corner for the barbecue, the designated area for trash bins or the entrance of your home. Outdoor hanging lights in pendant form comes in various kinds, from a lantern type with one bulb, or a chandelier with multiple bulbs. These kinds of outdoor lighting may also serve as centrepieces for wide areas, like a covered backyard used for parties.

Track Lights

These outdoor hanging lights come in yards of LED outdoor lighting. Their sub types include Christmas lights and rope lights. This type of outdoor lighting can be used to line pathways, identify lot boundaries, or illuminate big areas by hoisting them atop.

Because these LED outside lighting options can be wrapped around, you may use them to decorate trees, bushes, even lamp posts or columns. These kinds of outdoor hanging lights have more function and are more flexible for use.


Picking the correct outdoor hanging lights for your home does not have to be daunting. The right LED outdoor lighting can be chosen once you’ve identified the characteristics mentioned above. If you are decided on the type of LED outdoor lighting you need, head on to our catalogue of lighting options. We at Ezlo have the right options for your outdoor hanging lights needs.

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