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9 Creative Ways To Hide Your Outdoor Surveillance Camera System

An outdoor security camera system can help track unknowns outside your home. However, having the camera on an empty wall can attract malicious users. That’s why keeping them hidden is essential to protect the mounting hardware and prevent the system from being tampered with or removed.

Nowadays, these surveillance cameras are becoming smart enough to capture images even in harsh weather. That means you can track your house from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, these devices aren’t exactly hidden. They sit out in plain sight and take pictures of anyone entering the area.

That’s why you need to conceal your security cameras. Here are different ways to prevent prying eyes from seeing your private moments.

Conceal the Outdoor Surveillance Camera System on a Fake Wall Light

Fake wall lights are a great way to conceal your outdoor surveillance camera without sacrificing your property’s aesthetics. In essence, they come in various sizes depending on your security system. These fake wall lights have a design like ordinary light fixtures. But they have cameras that help capture images. They are available at affordable prices in online stores or home improvement stores.

Mount the Outdoor Surveillance Camera System on a Tree

This is probably the easiest way to conceal your outdoor camera system from prying eyes. To achieve this, place it into a tree or post and cover it with grass or other foliage. This method works well for smaller cameras. But if you’re looking at something like a 4K model, that could cause issues with the image quality. In that case, you may have to find a spot out of sight.

Use a Garden Shade Tent to Hide the Outdoor Surveillance Camera System

People often seek to hide their best outdoor security cameras by using garden shade tents. They are not only inexpensive, they can also provide cover and protection from harmful elements. Unlike other covers, these tents come with built-in lights that allow you to monitor the area around the tent. Besides, the fabrics used in their construction provide a higher level of insulation.

Create An Overgrown Wall Of Shrubbery around the Outdoor Surveillance Camera System

A shrubbery wall overgrown with weeds can also conceal your surveillance system. That’s because they can add height, making the camera difficult to detect. You can do this by planting different shrubs around your property. Doing this will keep prying eyes away and help conceal your surveillance equipment.

Hide Cameras in Birdhouses to Hide Outdoor Security Camera System

You often want to hide your cameras from view when using an outdoor security camera system. But if you’re worried about the safety of your property, use birdhouses to conceal the camera. Place them around the property’s perimeter. As such, you can see the exterior and monitor activity inside the home. Also, you can put an LED light bulb inside the birdhouse to help illuminate the area if needed.

Mount Cameras Under Eaves to Conceal the Outdoor Surveillance Camera System

Placing your cameras under the eaves can be a good idea. That’s because it can help you hide your security camera under your home’s eaves without obstructing your view. Still, you can then cover the camera lens with black electrical tape. That will prevent prying eyes from seeing what you are recording.

Use Camouflage Casing to Mask Outdoor Security Camera System

If you want to ensure that your camera remains visible yet hidden, you need a camouflaging case. There are many shapes and sizes available for these devices.

They usually include a box-like form that hides the camera and protects it from the elements. Some cases even have lenses built into them, making it appear that you just bought a new camera. These camouflage cases can easily blend into any décor.

Hide The Outdoor Security Camera System in Garage Doors

Many homeowners use a garage door as the entryway into their homes. These doors often come equipped with a large button that opens them. To use these doors to conceal your outdoor security camera system, you must replace the button with a tiny camera lens. Then, when someone presses the door button, the camera automatically records what is happening. Once satisfied with the footage, delete the video file and replace it with the original button.

Use Window Treatments to Conceal Outdoor Security Camera System

If you prefer to keep your home’s look consistent by installing no extra hardware, you may use window treatments instead. You can customize many types of curtains and blinds to fit any size window.

Plus, you can add a photo frame to the top of the curtain to make it appear like you just hung a picture right above the camera.

If you live in a neighborhood or city where people watch your home, you should have security cameras that blend into your outdoor décor. There are ways to camouflage your security cameras without spending tons of money. Use your imagination and have fun hiding them.

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