Outdoor House Lights

You Have a Lot of Choices for Outside House Lights

Whether it’s a lawn, a porch, or simply your front yard, you would want it to be presented well. There are various ways for you to decorate your outdoors, and one go-to solution is through outdoor house lights. Specifically for homeowners who would put extra effort in beautifying their home, outdoor patio lighting is a big deal.

Hanging outdoor ceiling lights to make sure the lawn is seen at night, or putting towering outdoor lighting to boast the home’s architecture, are just some options that you can think of to use outdoor lights as means to make your home the apple of everyone’s eye. While we at Ezlo would be more than willing to assist you with the proper options such as for outdoor ceiling lights, we also encourage you to bring it a notch higher through smart lighting.

Your smart outdoor lights can be turned on through a phone app, and you can also schedule when will your outdoor lighting be lit so that it not only keeps your home looking great, but also to assist you and everyone else during night activities, such as dinners, going for a night swim at your backyard pool, or when doing dirty work with your car or garden. From quaint outdoor ceiling lights to strong security outdoor patio lighting, let’s see your options:

Outdoor House Lights

Porch or Patio

Yes, there is a difference. Your porch is situated near an entrance to the home, whether it’s your back or front door. A patio is located a few steps further from your home, so a patio is more part of your yard than connected to your home. Both can be covered or not, but a patio is more likely covered. What are your outdoor patio lighting ideas for these areas of the house?

Outdoor house lights to act as accents to corners of the patio or porch can be floor lanterns that act as accents to furniture or plants used as decorations. For your covered patio or porch, you may use hanging pendant lights as outdoor ceiling lights, since the roof’s stability can handle these lights well. Also, these outdoor ceiling lights hang at mid-level, which enables better participation for group activities.

String lights are also viable options for outdoor lighting. Aside from outdoor ceiling lights, string lights as smart outdoor lights provide a more festive feel, and may be turned on when there is a party, especially during celebratory moments like Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve.

Mix up your outdoor ceiling lights with a combination of pendant lanterns and string lights. There’s even an option of hooking up your outdoor patio lighting to certain smart apps that turn your plain string lights into a fancy light show that the children can enjoy. Outdoor lighting for patios and porches, in general, must follow a more decorative feel, from outdoor ceiling lights down to corner lanterns.

Lawn or Garden

Outdoor lighting for lawns and gardens is a lot trickier. Since the area is often not roofed, you may opt for more creative ideas, especially for outdoor ceiling lights. It’s important to hoist up the right outdoor ceiling lights for your lawn or garden. You may opt for string lights with strong LED bulbs that can be attached to trees or posts.

Make sure these outdoor house lights can withstand constant weathering, particularly during rainy or snowy periods. You may also want to use string lights to beautify your plants. Tiny LED bulbs may be used with bushes, or you may wrap these up around tree trunks as creative means to us outdoor patio lighting.

Outdoor lights in the form of motion sensor flood lights that can illuminate the entire lawn or garden are also viable outdoor ceiling lights options. For your smart outdoor lights that are exposed to the sun in the day, opt for solar lights that charge up in the morning and afternoon, and stay light all throughout the light. Outdoor lighting that has wireless options are also optimum, so that you can place them up high, or virtually just anywhere.

Smart Lighting

How can you bring your outdoor lights to the next level? By using smart lighting sensibilities that not only make your outdoor lighting fancier, but also more convenient. Lawn and garden outdoor lighting that turns on when the sun sets and also turns off when the sun shines? Highly possible through dusk till dawn outdoor house lights.

Outdoor lights that illuminate dark spaces automatically to aid night activities? Motion sensor outdoor lighting is here for you. Outdoor ceiling lights that shine at your command? You can hook up Alexa or Google Home to your outdoor ceiling lights. These are some incredible smart lighting options you can incorporate with your outdoor house light, and we at Ezlo can help you with it.

Start by browsing through our catalogue of smart lighting options. This could be the start of fantastic outdoor lighting fixtures for your home, and also towards turning your house into a smart home. From outdoor ceiling lights down to decorative outdoor lighting, Ezlo’s got your covered.

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