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Smarter Options for your Outdoor Lamp Post Lights

A viable option to beautify your house’s garden or yard are outdoor lamp post lights. These outdoor lighting options bring a certain rustic appeal to your yard, plus the middle shaft part can be utilized for further decoration.

This blank space can give way to further outdoor lighting decor, perhaps pin string lights that bring out holiday cheer, or other trinkets like Christmas hollies.

How about putting your outdoor post lights near vine-type plants for them to cling on? Imagine your outdoor lamp lights covered in well-kept leaves of a flowery vine plant, and watch them come alive during summer.

Your outside lamp post lights may be personalized with regard to decoration options. These outdoor lighting fixtures can be as simple as they can be, especially if your outdoor decor has a specific theme. But then again, outdoor light posts come in different designs, with one out there agreeing with your aesthetic.

We at Vera believe there is another way to make your outdoor lamp lights even more elevated, through the help of smart lighting options. Through smart lighting, your outdoor lamp lights become innovative and more convenient to use.  become innovative and more convenient to use.

These outdoor post lights may save you more money on electricity bills, become more thoughtful options for everyone, and even keep lighting to a more manageable schedule. And what’s good about these outdoor lighting upgrades is that you can do them on your own. Let’s take a look at how these options for your outdoor light post make the outside of your home “smarter”.

Motion Sensors

Turning your outdoor lamp post lights into motion sensor lights will save you energy in the long run. Having to manually turn your outdoor post lights manually can be a hassle sometimes. Many outdoor lighting fixtures are installed in homes or other places that have senior citizens or differently-abled individuals.

With motion sensor lights, they don’t have to flick the switch, and this kind of efficiency can be extended to your outdoor lamp lights if you install motion sensors on them. What’s good about motion sensor outdoor light posts is that you can program how sensitive the motion sensors can be, or how long they will stay on.

For the street area in front of your house, you can install your motion sensor outdoor lamp lights where people commonly pass by. If no one passes by in maybe a few seconds, your outdoor lamp post lights turn off automatically. This will save you on your energy bills rather than having your outdoor post lights turned on the entire evening. Outdoor lighting with motion sensor capabilities are bringing a sense of better convenience outdoors, and you can get hold of this convenience too.

Dusk Till Dawn

If it’s better for your outdoor lamp post lights to be kept lit the entire evening, dusk till dawn outdoor lighting capacities may be better. Dusk till dawn lights are able to detect both the lack and presence of sunlight, and this capability can be of great help to your outdoor post lights. Some outdoor light posts are left on even when it’s already morning, even all the way till noon.

This will not only rake in a lot of bucks when it comes to your electricity bill but is also damaging to the light bulbs in outdoor light posts. Through dusk till dawn lights, your outdoor lighting fixtures will turn off when they detect that the sun is out, and turn off when no sunlight is read by the sensor.

This way, outdoor lighting fixtures stay lit when they have to, but take a rest particularly when they are needed. Use this capability on your outdoor lamp post lights, to save money not only on energy bills, but also in having to replace bulbs over and over.

Lamp Post Lights

Solar Energy

This is common in many outdoor lighting options. Solar energy outdoor lamp post lights are not something new, to be frank. Since they soak up all the sunlight in the day, they might as well store then use them for the evening.

Partner this capability with either motion sensors or dusk till dawn lighting, and your outdoor lamp lights are now the ultimate smart outdoor lighting fixtures.

More Than Just Lighting

We at eZlowould like to assist you with your outdoor lamp post lights needs, but we can also lead you towards turning your home into a better place, technology-wise.. For various outdoor lighting options, take a look at our catalogue here. Turning your outdoor post lights into smart lighting fixtures is a good first step towards home automation.

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