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Put Your Outdoor Lantern Lights Everywhere 

When it comes to thinking of ways to spruce up your outdoors, there are several ideas out there. A good start to gather these ideas is by focusing on one aspect at a time, and outdoor lighting can be a good start. Many homeowners utilize outdoor hanging lantern lights to put ample touches of decor around the patio, porch, or yard.

Aside from beaming just the right light to set up the mood or to provide assistance for walkways and exterior lanterns are versatile, striking a balance between aesthetic and function. Outdoor lighting through lanterns is decoration already by itself, so placing them on a certain spot means decorating the spot as well.

These outdoor lighting options also vary in size and shape. You can go really big with Japanese-style outdoor lighting that serve as ceiling centerpieces, or you can choose smaller outdoor lanterns to line up fences as quaint outdoor lighting accents. In truth, you can actually put these outdoor lantern lights everywhere when it comes to outdoor home landscaping.

We at Ezlo invite you to explore what these outdoor lighting options can do for you, and how you can utilize the flexibility of these outdoor lanterns when it comes using them both for function and aesthetic.

Corner and Table Accents 

Medium or fairly-large outdoor hanging lantern lights will do well as centerpieces for patio tables or as accents to the corners of your porch or garden. With outdoor lighting lit up brightly outside, but placed at a lower location rather than hoisted up, these exterior lanterns will bring about a glimmer that contributes more to mood lighting rather than function.

Especially if you have in-house lights that are already brightening up the room right, like additional outdoor lighting in the form of rope lights or spotlights, using outdoor lantern lights on tables or corners will improve the occasion’s fee. What’s good about placing these exterior lantern lights on said areas is that they provide versatile year-long decor.

Place some hollies or pine garlands on these outdoor lanterns and they turn into Christmas ornaments. Spruce these exterior lantern lights with little pumpkins and orange and red maple leaves and they give a Thanksgiving/Halloween glow.

Outdoor lighting finds many uses in bringing about a general feel in this case. Your outdoor lanterns both add to the aesthetic and the mood.

Hang Them From Above Outdoor Lantern Lights

Hoist your outdoor wall lantern lights mid-air like you would pendant lights, and turn up illumination to a maximum. These outdoor lanterns are now more functional to make sure that the area is well-lit. If you’re out on the patio, do relax while reading a book or playing board games with the family, well-placed hanging outdoor lanterns will do the trick for you.

You can also hang your outdoor lanterns from tree branches to help shine on the garden or yard. With the right choice of LED bulbs, your outdoor lantern lights can illuminate small areas like outdoor porches, or the entire backyard.

String ‘Em Up 

Outdoor lighting for the whole front or backyard can also be achieved by stringing your outdoor lanterns together and placing them atop. If outdoor lantern lights can achieve mood lighting from below, they can do so above as well.

With some basic mechanical and electrical skills, you can turn your outdoor lanterns to meters and meters of hanging lights that are both elegant and effective in illuminating the night.

Outdoor lighting that spans on top of the night’s party goers will remind them of festivities ala-Coachella or summer at the beach. Compared to putting your outdoor lighting below, stringing up your outdoor lanterns heightens up the celebratory aura.

Turn Them into Post Lights 

With some ingenuity, placing your exterior lantern lights on top of makeshift posts will turn your outdoor lanterns into lamp posts you can place on sidewalks or house entry ways. Set up outdoor lighting near the street in front of your house so that the outdoor lanterns will illuminate your house and the area where your neighbors can walk.

Place your outdoor wall lantern lights turned into lamp posts wherein there is need for better lighting, like areas for trash bins. Or just place these lamp posts beside decorative plants to up the beauty factor of the outside of your home. With these suggestions, you don’t have to buy lamp posts. You can just turn your outdoor lantern lights in one, then dismantle them for use as outdoor lanterns again.

Ezlo Can Help

With these suggestions, means to spruce up your outdoor with exterior lantern lights, while maintaining enough luminosity, is highly achievable.

And with Ezlo’s help, we can usher your home into smart lighting, and make your outdoors both aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the eye, through functional outdoor lighting. Start by checking our catalogue here, and the rest of your future with outdoor lantern lights can start.

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