If we really want to keep our personal spaces secure, particularly our very homes, we have to put an investment towards it. Going through specifics of home security entail us to look at its aspects from the inside out. It would be a good idea to start at the basics of outdoor security, and keeping all corners of your front and backyard covered is integral before moving forward. With that being said, we at Vera recommend that you install outdoor LED flood lights to every nook and cranny of your lot. While there might be seemingly more straightforward means to cover home security, like surveillance cameras and smart locks, your LED outdoor security lights will provide clarity in identifying activities outside of the home through better lighting. LED flood lights are a good option for you to build upon having a smart and secure home. Putting up outdoor LED flood lights will also work better than just any kind of outdoor lighting. Let’s state the facts:

Effective Lighting

Outdoor Led Flood Lights

While the outside of the house may have lamp posts or hanging lights, these are not particularly made for hard-core surveillance. LED outdoor security lights on the other hand are crafted so that they will aid your outdoor cameras, or simply the naked eye, in seeing if there is dubious activity within your lawn. Outdoor LED flood lights have a wide scope, meaning it can illuminate a pretty big area, and you can also place your LED outdoor security lights higher so that light coverage is increased. Also, your LED outdoor security lights have consistent lighting in all of the areas it reaches. Compared to simple lamp posts that has light fading at a certain distance, your outdoor LED flood lights will shine all areas equally.

LED outdoor security lights are being used not only for homes but for other places too. Sidewalks use outdoor LED flood lights for the same reason as why homes would use them. LED outdoor security lights help in keeping the metro as lit as possible, giving a sense of security and calm to the people of the city, if they have to be outside at the wee times of the night. By using outdoor LED flood lights in your home, you achieve the same security.

Money Saver

Outdoor LED flood lights also have solar-powered options that will charge during the day and work at night. Your LED outdoor security lights may also be plugged at the nearest outlet or have electrical wiring that caters to its location, but having a solar-powered option will save you some on your electrical bills. LED outdoor security lights also have backup battery power, which is integral in case of power outages. LED outdoor security lights have been given a lot of sources for energy to assure that they will keep your yard well-lit all the time.

Another consideration for savings is that your LED outdoor security lights can stand different weather conditions all year round. Your outdoor LED flood lights will stay functional for a long time, meaning you won’t have to always replace your LED bulbs. Especially during times when your LED outdoor security lights have to stay lit the entire night, this will not bode well for regular lights not built for extended lighting hours. Your outdoor LED flood lights can work with this need for endurance.

Motion Sensor Options

While it might sound like a crazy idea, consider not having your LED outdoor security lights turned on all the time. Outdoor LED flood lights have a motion sensor option that will enable lighting only when there is activity. Instead of having LED outdoor security lights turned on all the time, it’s only when a person passes by when it turns on. Effective uses of LED outdoor security lights with motion sensors include putting them at the entrance of your house’s gate or door, at the garage when the car either has to leave or return, or at the back of the house wherein surveillance can be tricky. You may also hook up your LED outdoor security lights with your smart home apps so that they work alongside other gadgets that focus on home security.

Get Your LED Lights Now!

As smart home security continues to evolve, having its basics will help you usher your home into high-technology security easier. You may start by looking at our catalogue of lighting options. We at Vera are confident that our line of lighting choices are adequate to help you start with your use of LED outdoor security lights. We hope you’ll consider improving the security of your abode through outdoor LED flood lights.


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