Elevating your home’s outside aesthetic is a challenging endeavour. But it’s not impossible. There are different tasks like choosing between fencing options, growing and keeping ornamental plants looking lively, and also deciding what to do with regards to outdoor lights. While traditional lighting options are out there for you not to think about outdoor lighting too much, why not consider outdoor LED string lights, that you may also hook up to some automation options? You might be thinking that these outdoor string lights are only used for occasions like Christmas or Valentines, but au contraire. There are multitudes of ideas of how to turn outdoor lights from what is simply is. We at Vera can provide you with various outdoor LED string lights options to utilize for your outdoor lights needs, and with a little effort, you can hoist up these outdoor lights in a way that they are decorative but also functional.

Outdoor Led String Lights

Wrap Them Around Plants

Bushes and trees are part of almost any house’s outdoors, and with some outdoor LED string lights, you can spruce them up. Using outdoor string lights that come in the form of pin or fairy lights usually work in covering up tree trunks or bushes. If you have flower bushes, outdoor lights combine well with most floral colour. Have your outdoor string lights emphasizing your trees branches as well, or use outdoor LED string lights with bigger bulbs if you choose to hang your outdoor lights higher, for maximum lighting effect.

Line the Fences

While lining the fence is a go-to move when it comes to outdoor lights, putting your outdoor LED string lights along your house’s fence or on the lot’s perimeter also helps in emphasizing where your lot starts and ends. This will somehow tell your neighbours (subtly, of course) to keep their outdoor activities to their own lot. This includes tidying up; your outdoor lighting will indicate up to where you’ll be keeping the outside clean. Even if the outdoor string lights are not on during the day, their placement should be enough to label boundaries.

Hang Them Like Fiesta Garlands

Your yard may be used for birthday parties or other gatherings. But even if there is an occasion or not, your outdoor string lights will still serve as lighting for your yard, provided you use bigger LED bulbs for your outdoor string lights. After all, outdoor LED string lights should be serving decorative functions and outdoor lights functions. Outdoor LED string lights can double up in this case.

Don’t Let the String Limit You

You may buy your outdoor LED string light in string form, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the length of it. Bunch your outdoor string lights together and put them on a glass bowl: you’ve got yourself a decorative table centrepiece. Wind them together by the meter and tape them to create this massive outdoor lights column you can hoist vertically from tree branches or ceilings. Cover the wall with your outdoor string lights then cover up with sheer curtains for a romantic aura. There are a lot of ways to use your outdoor LED string light, you’ll just have to be creative.

Use Automation

Outdoor LED string lights can also be connected to your smart home capabilities. Motion sensors can be used to save you on electricity bills; the outdoor string lights will only work if someone is in the lot. But in the decorative sense, outdoor string lights can be controlled using certain apps that can be programmed to let your outdoor LED string lights project patterns accordingly. These options to come up with a mini-light show with your outdoor lights may be used during parties or holidays. This option really puts your outdoor string lights into a more festive function for the outdoors. Outdoor LED string lights are a viable smart home option, after all.

Vera’s Got You

We at Vera hope that these outdoor LED string lights ideas got you excited with how to use them on your front or backyard. Starting your long list of outdoor decoration chores will lead you to benefits you won’t regret. Our catalogue of lighting for outdoor lights ideas especially for use in home automation can help you achieve these benefits, so go to our list and see what you’d like to purchase. We guarantee you function and elegance all rolled into one. We wish for you that you get these through your outdoor string lights, so let our options for outdoor lights aid you.

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