Function and Aesthetic from Outdoor LED Strip Lights

There are a lot of ways to decorate your house’s exterior with lights. Patios become classier with lantern lights, plants become ornate with outdoor electric rope lights, even pools can fancied up with floating LED lights. While decorating the outdoors through lighting is easier with obvious choices, there’s a subtle approach to take by opting for outdoor LED strip lights. While these outdoor electric rope lights appear a lot different compared to common rope lights placed in a tube, or light bulbs stringed together like fiesta streamers, electric LED strip lights put a good impact on your outdoor decors and fixtures, enhancing what is already there. The outdoor electric rope lights lights have a lot of uses, erring on the function side, but still viable to improve aesthetics. Let’s get a low-down on these outdoor LED strip lights.


These outdoor electric rope lights, as mentioned, don’t appear as ornamental as light bulb strip lights or Christmas lights with tiny glass bulbs. The careful design of these outdoor LED strip lights made them easier to handle. Your electric LED strip lights will come on a flexible circuit board about half an inch in width. These outdoor electric rope lights have LED emitters that are smaller compared to usual rope lighting, but still, shine brighter, and in an array of color choices. Handling electric LED strip lights is also more advantageous than your usual outdoor electric rope lights. While Christmas lights or string bulb lights have to be handled carefully if you decide to cut them, outdoor LED strip lights can simply be separated using a pair of scissors. There are lines indicated in these outdoor electric rope lights where you can make the incision, and not have to worry about being electrocution or power shortage. As for power supply, often outdoor LED strip lights have to be connected to an electronic outlet, but if you decide to use batteries or smart lighting, these electric LED lights can be adjusted accordingly. What’s also nice about these outdoor LED strip lights is that they come with an adhesive at the back, which makes it easier to put your outdoor LED strip lights anywhere, in an instant.

Different Uses

These electric LED strip lights will emit a different kind of light compared to usual string lights. Because of how these outdoor electric rope lights appear, they and more used for functional purposes, but some aesthetic functions of electric LED strip lights can still be considered.

Pathway Lighting

Functions of these lights for indoor lighting can be brought outside. When the lights are off, outdoor LED strip lights can give out a glow that is not too bright to illuminate the room, but not too dim to stay unnoticed. The subtle shine of these electric LED strip lights is good enough to identify pathways, particularly during nighttime. Place them to lead people to the door or specific areas like bathrooms or light switches. Use your outdoor electric rope lights as well to illuminate stairs. Electric LED strip lights bring safety in a fancy way.

Areas to Avoid

Electric LED lights can also be used to identify areas that one may bump into in the dark. Especially for covered patios that can be exceptionally dark, these outdoor electric rope lights can help you avoid areas that may hit your head or feet. Place your electric LED strip lights on raised platforms, columns, or countertops.

Accent Lighting

Consider putting your outdoor LED strip lights behind paintings, just below furniture, or practically anything you can place them behind. The soft light of these outdoor electric rope lights allows the shine to frame these objects, adding a quaint accent.

Make it Fancy

Your electric LED strip lights may be hooked up to dimmers so that you can control how much light comes out. These dimmers may also help you in using enough lighting from these electric LED strip lights, and will also help you save electricity. There are also controllers that allow you to choose what colors these outdoor LED strip lights will emit. Change the color of your electric LED strip lights to suit the mood, may it be a funhouse party or just a regular family night on a weekend.

Get Versatile

Your outdoor LED strip lights will certainly look great however you use them. While these electric LED strip lights are very versatile, you can use them alongside other outdoor electric rope lights, or any type of lighting for that matter. Check out various options for lighting right here. Let us here in Vera help you in illuminating your home.

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