Outdoor Patio Lights: Make Outside Outstanding

If you have a patio at home, good for you. Patios are quaint areas in the house that are actually more flexible than we think. Throw in a widescreen TV and Bluetooth speakers and it’s a home entertainment area. Set up a small bonfire area at the center and you’ve got a mini camping-Esque environment if your patio is the open-air type. And with the right choice of furniture, your patio can be used for daily relaxation activities or grand spaces for celebrations. Outdoor patio lights will extend these functions. First of all, you can use your patio in the evening, or when the weather is lacking in the sunshine if you can put proper outdoor lighting ideas in. While the thought of coming up with outdoor lighting ideas may sound simple, allow us here at Ezlo to share with you further outdoor lighting ideas that will not only work for your patio but will make good use of the space it has. And if you are up for it, you may also incorporate outdoor lighting ideas in line with home automation. Let’s list these ideas, shall we?

How’s the Weather?

Before delving into different outdoor patio lights ideas, take into consideration the kind of weather your patio endures the entire year. Is your patio the indoor type? Closed areas are not that affected by heavy weather, so more indoor-appropriate lighting may be optimum. But some or most patios are the open-air types. A roofed area may not subject your outdoor patio smart lights to rain, snow, or heat from the sun, but there are patios that are not as covered as others. Outdoor lighting ideas for areas that are covered by outdoor umbrellas are more subject to the forces of nature. In this case, outdoor patio lights ideas should include lighting that can withstand these conditions. Ask your hardware store clerks for  bulbs and lighting fixtures that can endure repeated exposure to rain, snow, and heat. Or if you have a covered yet open-air patio, make sure your outdoor patio smart lights can take constant air dampness or dryness.

Lights, Fixtures, Action!

Now is the fun part. Outdoor patio lights ideas span from decorative purposes, functional lighting, or even both. However, outdoor lighting ideas for a covered patio may not work for a more open patio. String lights that span above the patio’s area may work better for an open space patio. In this case, incorporate outdoor lighting ideas that include larger LEDs or lights because they shine better against the dark night sky. Take advantage of the sun exposure, too; opt for outdoor patio smart lights ideas that use solar lighting to save on energy. Outdoor lighting ideas for open-air patios may include wall-mounted outdoor patio lights or pendant-style lanterns. Compared to string lights, these outdoor lighting ideas are lower in height, providing more concentrated lighting appropriate for the space of an open-air patio. There are other outdoor patio smart lights ideas you can incorporate. If your patio is beside a swimming pool, you may use floating pool lights. Patio lights ideas may also include festive options like Christmas lights or luau lights, which will stay as decorations for the whole year-round. There is a multitude of outdoor lighting ideas out there, you’ll just have to understand what kind of space your patio has.

Outdoor Patio Lights

Smart Home, Sweet Home

If you have home automation already or are planning to start turning your house into a smart home, there are outdoor patio lights ideas as well that will work well with your entire smart home arrangement. Floodlights that have motion sensors may be installed so that there is no need to use traditional switches. Floodlights are also viable as options for outdoor lighting ideas since burglars and other trespassers may enter through the patio. Outdoor patio smart lights ideas may include hooking them with your security settings, with your elaborate setup of CCTV cameras and silent alarms. Other ideas that are more decorative in nature may include using apps that can control string lights to produce a mini-light show. You may opt for these during more festive times, like birthdays or New Year celebrations.

Ezlo’s Got Some Light Ideas

Check out our list of viable lighting options for your outdoor lighting ideas. Lighting up your patio may sound like a daunting task, but being mindful of applicable outdoor patio lights ideas can make this task a fun one. There are various outdoor lighting ideas out there, with more specific ones for outdoor patio lights ideas for smart homes.

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