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There are a lot of people who take pride and joy in beautifying the outside of their homes. Outdoor landscaping may sound like a grand effort, but it really depends on the sole purpose. Some homeowners just want to have an inviting atmosphere that extends to the eyes of the neighbors, while some just want to maintain their outside area far from being unkempt. In this regard, outdoor lighting plays a huge role.

We at Ezlo would like to suggest that you include outdoOutdoor Pole Lightsor pole lights in making sure your yard, garden, or home entrance looks fantastic. You might think that these outdoor lamp post lights will only infuse elegance at night, but with the correct choice of outdoor post lights, these outdoor lighting options will not only keep the night bright, but also maintain a level of sophistication even in the day.

There are many outside lighting designs that are also aimed as decoration at day, as you would with outdoor lamp post lights in the park that usually give a rustic feel.

Coming up with the best choices for outdoor lamp post lights entail a level of decision-making, but allow us to help you with how to choose your outdoor lamp post lights, where to place them so that they will function as effective outdoor lighting, and maximize them so that post lamps outdoor lights will also spell out smart lighting for your home.

A Plethora of Designs

Many outdoor lamp post lights come in the usual Victorian designs often seen in many parks and other common outside spaces. This is because many fixtures and architectures associated with public social places like parks, outdoor gardens, and sidewalks possess the Victorian facade when it comes to design.

Lucky for you, many outdoor pole lights have developed from this design phase, and now your outdoor lighting options come in a plethora of designs. Some would opt for a more industrial, straightforward look in their outdoor lamp post lights just so the post lamps outdoor lights can be placed anywhere without too much fuss on how they will blend in with the current fixtures of the home.

This is a good option for you; especially if you have existing themes for your outdoors, and adding outdoor lighting might tip off the balance of the design scale, choosing simple, industrial-type outdoor lamp post lights would be a good choice. But don’t feel limited. Whether it’s the classic romantic atmosphere of Victorian times, minimalist Japanese-style outdoor lighting, even go crazy with wild designs for outdoor post lights, know that you are not stuck with a single option.

A Myriad of LocationsOutdoor Lamp Post Lights

Where to place your outdoor lamp post lights is also something to put some thought into. Placing your outdoor pole lights for decorative purposes has to do with where to place them beside. End corners of the garden are usually empty, so putting in some outdoor lighting would be nice.

Choosing which ornamental plants will benefit with additional lighting is also a good option. Some would put their post lamps on outdoor lights beside vines so that nature and architecture will soon marry as the vines wrap around your outdoor lamp post lights.

But for more functional means, place your outdoor pole lights along pathways to your home or your backyard, or even in the area between your front yard and the street. This is a way so that outdoor lighting promotes safety for your neighborhood as well. But in the topic of outdoor lighting functions, put your outdoor post lights as well near stairs and other raised walkways, to guide your family and guests in the dark of the night.

Your outdoor lamp post lights can both beautify and illuminate areas of the house that may need both ornamental and functional improvement.

A Promise of Smart Lighting

One thing you can also consider in putting up outdoor pole lights is the prospect of giving your home more smart lighting options. Imagine your outdoor lamp post lights being placed beside stairs, and illuminate when there is someone trying to climb up. You can turn your outdoor lamp post lights into motion sensor lights, so that those with reduced mobility like seniors and the differently-abled can be guided with ease.

Your outdoor lighting can be placed anywhere in the garden or yard as long as sunlight can reach it. There are post lamps outdoor lights that are engineered with dusk-till-dawn outdoor lighting functionality, so that they’ll light up when the sun doesn’t, but will shut off at the first return of sunlight.

Also, your outdoor lamp post lights can be installed with solar panels and batteries so that you won’t have to hook them up with traditional lighting. And how about programming Alexa or Google Home to turn on your outdoor post lights at an exact time of the afternoon?

These options just keep on piling up so that your outdoor post lamps lights will not only illuminate your home, but also usher you into smart home living.

Ezlo Can Light it Up!

While there are many ways for you to incorporate outdoor lighting to your home, you might need some help. Check out our list of smart lighting options so that you can get started with choosing the most appropriate designs for your outdoor pole lights. We at Ezlo hope that our catalogue will be of great help as you set up your outdoor lamp post lights and your entire outdoor lighting plan.


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