Your house’s first impression could be your porch or patio. From afar, it’s what your neighbours will see. When guests arrive, it’s where they’ll stay most of the time aside from your living room. Keeping your porch or patio decorated well is a must, and with the competitive home decor market out there, it will be easy for you to come up with means to keep your porch or patio looking homey and inviting. Part of these means are through outdoor lighting ideas that will spruce up your porch or patio. With various outdoor lighting ideas out there, you can be sure that you have the right outdoor porch lights or patio lights to keep your outdoors not only well-lit but also festive and sprightly. We at Vera would like to share a number of outdoor lighting ideas you can have for your front or backyard. Trust us with various choices for outdoor porch lights or patio lights that will brighten up your home.

Outdoor Porch Lights

But First… Porch or Patio?

Choosing outdoor porch lights or patio lights should not be equated to each other. Just because both are located outside of the house does not mean you’ll use outdoor lighting ideas for both. A porch is located directly adjacent to the house, may it be at the front or back. A porch may also be covered or not, and these “coverings” may come in the form of roofing and/or screening. That means outdoor patio lights may range from outdoor lighting ideas that have a different weather capacity or lighting coverage, as light can be contained better at a closed porch. As for outdoor lighting ideas for patios, they will differ with the space and openness of the area. Patios are located away from the home by a few feet, and are constructed on the ground, compared to decks that are raised from the ground. Patio lights must be a lot stronger, that’s why outdoor lighting ideas for this area include weather-ready fixtures that are more functional at night. But whether it’s outdoor porch lights or patio lights, you’ll be delighted to know both ideas might not be that different after all.

String Lights

String lights function best as patio lights as they can cover a large area by being hoisted up and across the space. As outdoor porch lights, various outdoor lighting ideas come to mind. Spread them across the wall to add a romantic or nostalgic feel to the room. Line columns or stairs with them to bring the mood across the space. Other outdoor lighting ideas include stringing them together to form a thick mound of bulbs to hang vertically from trees or patio ceilings, like a light column. String lights are very versatile that many outdoor lighting ideas can be used on them, and as outdoor porch lights or patio lights, they heighten up the celebratory ambiance.


Pendant-style lanterns act well as outdoor patio lights. They may not be easier to install as patio lights but with if there are nearby branches you can place them at, why not? But for patio lights, outdoor lighting ideas include using lanterns you can place down rather than hoist up. Outdoor lighting ideas for the patio in this case include placing lanterns on tables, corners of the garden, or beside outdoor furniture. Ideas on how to use lanterns as outdoor porch lights or patio lights vary as well, but are just as exciting.

Flood Lights

Outdoor lighting ideas that involve flood lights are more for function than for aesthetic. As outdoor patio lights, place them where people enter or exit the area, as flood lights are also emergency lights to use in case of blackouts. But as patio lights, opt for clearer and stronger lighting, and darkness in the night call for better security measures. Use flood lights as patio lights or outdoor porch lights the way you would use them for your garage or house entrance: to ensure safety

LED Strip Lights

These tiny lights can be put under furniture, stairs, and other fixtures to highlight the object’s outline, may it be as outdoor porch lights or patio lights. Outdoor lighting ideas for LED strip lights are more for emphasis and function, and they pack a more subtle, softer gleam. LED strip lights as patio lights work best to emphasize spaces, while as outdoor patio lights, they can be used as indoor decor like for countertops and paintings. But either way, as outdoor porch lights or patio lights, they work well with some creativity on mind on how to use them through outdoor lighting ideas.

More Ideas at Vera

May it be outdoor porch lights or patio lights, decorating your house by illuminating it is not only a smart move, but also an innovative one. Take a look at our catalogue in case there are other outdoor lighting ideas you wish to explore. We hope we can assist you well in various outdoor lighting ideas possible for your patio or porch.

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