Outdoor String Lights

Why Use Automated Exterior String Lights for Your Home?

The definition of a smart home does not only stay indoors. Various appliances and gadgets that also help out with outdoor activities, such as keeping the lawn watered regularly or the house’s perimeter safe, are also up for grabs for anyone who wants to extend home automation to the front and backyard. While function is key to any smart gadget, a touch of style won’t hurt. It wouldn’t be bad if your smart appliances also blend well to decor.

Connect your off the shelf outdoor string lights with any of the smart outlets and a smart home hub, and give yourself peace of mind and the perfect mood with remote control capabilities, automation and more.

Outdoor String Lights

Take outside string lights for example. While yes, there are other options to illuminate your front or backyard like flood lights and solar-powered LED fixtures, exterior string lights present a marriage of function and aesthetic.

There are tons of ideas out there, and they could just work with however the outside of your home looks like already. Add to that smart home functionalities, like linking the outlet of your outside lights to a motion sensor or perhaps Alexa or Google Assistant, and controlling your outdoor string lights will also be a breeze.

But why outdoor lights? Won’t incorporating exterior string lights ideas into your smart home put in too much effort than just installing a smart LED light bright enough to cover the front yard? There are various reasons why outdoor lights ideas are some of the best home decor and automation ideas there is. If you are hell-bent on putting smart outdoor lights into your home, we invite you to consider outside string lights ideas instead.

Function and Decoration Combo

Going through Ezlo’s catalogue, you will find various options for outdoor lights, and you can come up with many ideas that will fit your home. Use your outdoor string lights to welcome guests at the front gate. Line your outdoor lights along your fence to highlight your lot’s boundaries.

Use outdoor lights to illuminate areas near the home where animals frequent, such as garbage bins or the garden. However you want to use your exterior string lights, these will not only put in function, but also splash on decorative ideas at the areas of your house that may seem mundane or usual. With a plethora of outdoor string lights out there, you can also personalize how you want these outdoor lights to appear.

But one thing is for sure. These exterior string lights ideas are also a lot better than just installing a measly flood light that turns your backyard into appearing like a storage lot. Compare that to using outdoor lights that brighten up the place with an additional touch of class. With the right pick from various outside string lights ideas out there, your house’s aesthetic appeal is elevated.

Year-Round Decor

Another reason to incorporate outdoor string lights into your home aesthetic is its capability to shift from usual house lighting to festive decor in no time. A string of outdoor lights is indeed more welcoming than plain porch lights. And then, if you are hosting a party, perhaps a luau or a Halloween get-together, you may use other exterior string lights ideas to match the mood of the party, or simply let the outdoor lights stand on their own, because they already look festive as is.

Outdoor lights are used in wedding receptions, concert grounds, beach resorts, and other venues that have a more celebratory feel. By incorporating outside string lights ideas into your home, you are maintaining this celebratory feel all year long So if given the option of boring lighting, why not turn your outdoor lights into something that will bring the mood up, even if there is no occasion?

Low Key Security

Also, opting for outdoor lights do not look like you are closely monitoring the safety of your home.Instead of those blinding LED flood lights that are obviously installed to catch burglars at night, using string lights ideas still allow you to maintain brightness outside of your home, but without startling possible intruders which also include effective placement of surveillance cameras and motion sensors so that your outdoor lights will assist how security aps monitor the house.

That is indeed a smart home option, with some decoration to boot.

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To fill you in with more outdoor string lights ideas, take a look at what we can offer you: lighting options, motion detectors, or basically any smart home need. We at Ezlo may have more than just outdoor string lights ideas for you.


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