Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights

Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights

Aside from posts, trees, and roof ledges, walls are go-to spaces to hoist up anything: plants, decorations, outdoor lighting. When it comes to illuminating the outside part of your home, outdoor wall lighting is a key area to meditate upon, as there are various outdoor wall mounted lights options to choose from. We at Ezlo would like to assist you in coming up with the best outdoor lighting for your home, and also what type of outdoor wall lighting will work based on the area to be lighted, the direction of the light, and its intensity. From strong spotlights to quaint light fixtures, outdoor wall mounted lights will surely work for you with proper planning.

Some Considerations

Scanning the area is key to come up with the best outdoor lighting to use in your porch, patio, or yard. A roofed deck differs from a garden when it comes to outdoor wall lighting, as each will require a different set of outdoor wall mounted lights, or even not require much at all. Staying thoughtful on how you will use outdoor lighting for your walls will save you money and time in having to calibrate where to position your outdoor wall mounted lights, especially these outdoor wall lighting options are more permanent than string lights or lanterns. As these will be put on your walls with considerable effort, with all the screws and drilling needed, go through the following criteria so that your outdoor wall lighting is placed properly:


Scope of Area

Will you be showing off your garden plants, or just make sure people pass by the area safely? Simple outdoor wall mounted lights placed near a walkway at the side of the house need not be as strong, as long as they illuminate the steps clearly. For those who want to illuminate the garden and give it aesthetic flair at the same time, significantly strong beams of outdoor lighting should be opted for. Also, considerably bright outdoor lighting suggests celebration. If you plan to use your yard for parties and other gatherings, extravagant outdoor wall lighting is your thing.


Light Direction

Some outdoor wall lighting emits a gentle glow, while some a condensed beam of light. For ambient lighting, the wall’s color will either reflect the outdoor lighting’s shine outward, or absorb it. For ambient outdoor lighting, a soft glow is enough. If you wish to light up the whole room, look for strong options for outdoor wall lighting.


 Some Types

It helps to know what options for outdoor wall lighting you have, so that you know what to look for. Here are a few outdoor lighting options to consider:


For your porch or deck’s walls, sconces are appropriate because of the quaint glow they have. Sconces are often used for mood lighting, so imagine a porch with a couple of scones. The ambient outdoor lighting is appropriate to just relax and kick back. Also, some sconces come with light both coming up and down. Use these outdoor wall mounted lights if you have wall artwork or framed pictures you want to display. These options for outdoor wall lighting come in attractive designs, too.


If you wish to put emphasis on fountains, pools, and other outdoor fixtures, spotlights are your kind of outdoor lighting. Hoist these outdoor wall lighting options high above and point them towards your prized garden plants. These outdoor wall mounted lights may also provide enough lighting if you wish to use your garden as a venue for festivities.


For more functional options, you may choose to install floodlights on areas that may need lighting assistance. For example, to aid family members walk by garden walls, motion sensor flood lights will do the trick. These outdoor wall mounted lights are also optimum to place on areas trespassers or burglars may see as gateways entry ways. You may also place these outdoor wall mounted lights outside garage walls, in case you want to extend your workspace. Floodlights as outdoor wall lighting aids a lot as evening task lighting. Cooking barbecue for dinner? Tending to the plants at night? Use flood lights as outdoor wall mounted lights for these.

Some Upgrades

Your outdoor wall mounted lights may be upgraded in many ways. Giving them solar energy capacities will help you save on electricity bills. You may also hook them up to Google Home or Alexa to enable remote access. Your outdoor wall lighting fixtures may serve you well as you turn them into home automation smart gadgets.

Speaking of home automation, Ezlo is committed to giving you the best smart home options beyond outdoor lighting. Check out our offerings for lighting options here, and explore the rest of the website for your smart home needs.

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