Dealers speak. We listen.

Our Ezlo Protect and Private Label platforms were designed with you in mind. We are committed to the rapid deployment of your feedback and an always state-of-the-art system for your customers.

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Guided by three principles…

1. Integrate anything
2. Automate anything
3. Visualize everything

We have already deployed in over 300,000 homes today.

Nobody does integrations better then Ezlo

1,000s of devices integrated today! More coming!

Ezlo Protect

Next evolution in smart home Industry. Ezlo Protect was built as an answer to industry pain points. Our cloud-to-ground solution integrates disparate systems, consolidates app clutter, and promotes interoperability, all for the lowest industry cost of hardware and services.

A platform with no limits.

Ezlo provides an open, secure, and hardware-agnostic platform for users to integrate anything, automate anything, and visualize everything.

Your brand comes first.

The Ezlo Protect platform can be fully branded with your company’s logo and colors, across the customer and partner portals and mobile security app.

No matter the size of your company, Ezlo is committed to putting your company’s brand first.

Using automation commands we call MeshBots, you can customize the interactions between devices, services, and applications, building a smart home limited only by your imagination.

Automate Anything

  • Communicate to and trigger from online apps
  • Update and trigger based on cloud events
  • Control local services and devices
  • Interact with custom applications
  • Powered by a local hub

Best-in-class support.

Ezlo Protect is the only smart home security company offering bilingual, technical support 7 days a week, all while continuing to deliver industry-leading response times.

Become an Ezlo Protect Partner Today

Become a Partner

You Told Us Your Pain Points

Too Many Apps

Lack of innovation

Disparate Systems

Closed Platform


High Cost of services

Where We Are Going

Our vision is to be earth’s most connected smart property platform, where all space and property can deliver the highest safety, security, convenience, and efficiency to its occupants.

The only OS built for smart property

Cloud to ground solution

Single App

Open Platyform

Integrates desparate systems

Lowest industry price

RF 345 MHz, ZigBee, Zwave

Ezlo Protect Platform




Become your own supplier with Ezlo Private Label

Introducing the Ezlo Private Label Smart Home program, the first completely branded home automation solution including software, hardware, and services.

Branding, uniquely yours.

Upload your logo, select your brand colors, and create a custom domain.

Customize your offering

Tailor the platform’s interface for your, unique customer base:

  • Self-signup
  • API access
  • Customize cloud integrations
  • Build complex automations

Domain settings

Upload your logo, select your brand colors, and create a custom domain.

A dynamic partner portal

Easily manage your entire business from your branded partner portal:

  • Create Customers
  • Edit Customers
  • Tracking service tickets.