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Reasons to Become an Ezlo Security and Home Control Dealer

Part 1: An Evolving Market

The home automation market is evolving rapidly, with home control and security consumers being offered an ever-expanding list of options. According to a Research & Markets study, the DIY & Home security market is expected to reach $11.35 billion by 2027 with a revised 2020-2027 CAGR of 19.6%, and is currently expanding at a rate of roughly 20% annually. Did you also know that:

The market has evolved. Have you?

What do people want in home automation these days?  Here are just a few of the themes that arise when we talk to consumers. They tell us that they:

  • Are using more electricity than ever before
  • Don’t see the value in expensive monitored security services
  • Are using more water
  • Are more interested than ever in automating mundane everyday tasks
  • Are less interested in professional installation
  • Are interested wellness monitoring and helping elderly parents allow them to stay at home

Why Us? We’ll Tell You.

We have the solutions

Home automation solutions, the kind that we’ve been providing to our dealer partners for years, answer the call:

  • They make people feel they’re more in control
  • They’re affordable
  • They’re simple to install and operate

Boosting your RMR

It’s always nice to add revenue streams, isn’t it?  Well, we can help you do that.  With our monitoring solutions, such as security packages supported by our partners in professional security monitoring, you can count on additional revenue every month.

A less expensive alternative

What you’re currently selling is probably, too… well, expensive. You can’t sell smart home security devices the same way that software makers sell applications… by charging outrageous monthly subscription fees. Those days are gone. In order to play in this space your pricing needs to be more than competitive and frankly, a lot of the providers of security devices won’t give you that option.

As a result, while the market for home security grows by 20% annually, well, your business doesn’t grow at all. We can change that with value-driven packages that meet the needs of those customers you’re missing, such as:

Basic Package

Our DIY security kit consists of a home control hub, indoor cameras, motion sensors, and door window sensors. This simple, wireless setup lets customers get set up in minutes, view camera footage, monitor their homes from anywhere, and get notifications in the event that unusual activity occurs.

You also have the option to add devices, automate scenes, and add a Property Management experience.

Flexible Cloud-to Ground platform

You know as well as we do that a lot of people often find smart devices frustrating. They don’t know much about them. They can be challenging to install.  And there are times when one device simply doesn’t want to work with another. And then there’s getting help; that can be frustrating, too.

Here at Ezlo, we’ve recognized these barriers to purchase. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that offers distinct advantages. First, it’s technology agnostic and will work with a range of protocols.  You can choose which products you want to include in your solution. Second, it supports a wide range of manufacturer and device types, providing a variety of options to both you and your customers.

Our end-to-end platform meets the demands of the market

Your customer’s idea of home automation is the same as ours; an open end-to-end platform that addresses a wide range of devices across different technologies. One that ensures connectivity between devices, from door locks and sensors to cameras and thermostats…regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

More than just traditional security

Unlike some other companies, who’ve just recently started to add home automation solutions to their customers, we’ve been in the smart home business from the beginning. Our platform takes your customers beyond security with thousands of devices that provide them with much more than security and comfort. They can also monitor and automate energy usage, indoor climate, wellness, and much more.

We’re ahead of the curve. Are they?

Technology changes fast, and it can be difficult to keep up with. Did you know that we have the fastest rate of innovation in the home automation market? We’re an IoT innovator, creating more IP and have more patents than any other company in the space.

And, in the past three years we’ve made three acquisitions to help grow our product line and strengthen our platform. We’re also one of the world’s largest Cloud IoT companies. Most companies are hardware-centric, but not us. For us, hardware is just a way to enable the experiences that your customers want.

Stellar dealer support and coverage

In addition to easy installation, we stand behind our devices with dedicated, tiered customer support available 6 days/week, 16 hours/day in both English and Spanish.

We also offer a 3-year warranty built on each control hub. This warranty can also be extended for as long as your resident maintains an Ezlo Anywhere Access subscription.

Talk to our professionals

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VP of Sales

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