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Safe Home Security

Fundamental Qualities of a Safe Home Security System

Every homeowner’s wish is to live without the constant fear of burglars. Although there is no sure way to alleviate this problem, there are several ways to decrease the chances of someone breaking into your home. One such solution is a home security system. 

Safe Home Security

The primary goal of a security system is protection and family safety. This concept includes an effective surveillance network and a proper alert system. The aim is to blend all these components into one safe home security system. While getting this system may be costly, it is necessary. Some homeowners purchase fake over-the-counter cameras to scare off burglars. Unfortunately, this concept has a low degree of success. 

There are some elements you should consider to get the right system. Let us look at a shortlist of the primary qualities you should consider when buying a home security system. 

Qualities of a Safe Home Monitoring System

Top-Tier Monitoring

Home security primarily aims to deter burglars from breaking into your home. It is not enough to scare them away. You need a system that gives you constant surveillance and video recording capabilities. An effective security system must have a camera network that spans the entire length of your property. 

65% of burglaries happen during the day. This figure indicates that burglars invest a lot of time finding blind spots on your property. For this reason, you need to establish a camera system with a wide field of view. This wide viewing angle allows you to see a burglar and identify any nefarious activity. 

A surveillance network is also integrated into your alarm system to alert law enforcement when a burglar tries to break into your home. If it’s your first time installing a security system, you need a professional monitoring service linking directly to emergency response. 

Not only do these services offer 24-hour surveillance, but they also connect you to a platform that ensures you get help as quickly as possible. Professional monitoring also facilitates a communication line with disaster management. This service helps you navigate tricky situations without exposing you to more risk. 

Remote Accessibility

Burglars rarely break into houses when the owners are home. This fact means that without the proper equipment, you probably will not know that someone has broken into your house. Remote access makes self-monitoring more efficient, and it gives you the advantage of sounding an alarm from a different location. 

A professional monitoring system also allows response teams access to your network. This access enables the police to respond to a home break-in. It is unnecessary to be on-site to know when a person is on your property. You can get all the information you need from an app on your phone. You can also get a live feed and follow the status of your property wherever you are. 

Reliable Power Supply

Home security systems require a constant power supply to function. If you live in an area where the power goes off often, you may need to invest in battery-operated equipment. While hard-wired security systems are reliable, they are vulnerable to power surges. 

Wireless devices are cheap, effective, and battery-powered. These features mean that they stay operational even when the power goes out. If you do not want a wireless network, you may need to invest in an alternative power supply. You can purchase a portable generator that can kick in when there is an outage. 

The principle here is to ensure your system is always online. Power fluctuations will prevent your system from getting critical footage if someone breaks into your home. Note that surveillance footage is considered irrefutable evidence when prosecuting criminals. 


A security system is not worth much if you do not know how to operate it. Some homeowners purchase sophisticated equipment that ends up giving them a hard time. Stick to the basics. Purchase a system that not only facilitates automation but also has simple controls. The central panel should access the entire infrastructure and sync to all your devices. 


You should also identify specific alerts and know what goes where. A simple security system should be easy enough for your four-year-old to understand. User-friendliness is a crucial component in any system, and it makes it easier to navigate in case of an emergency. 

Aside from these qualities, a safe home security system should have wellness, environmental, and security sensors. Modern networks have fire, flood, and smoke sensors that increase their utility value. Home security is not just about protecting yourself from burglars-it also incorporates in-house risks. 


Although home break-ins have decreased over the years, they are still a concern for homeowners. A security system is the first line of defense against criminals and other harmful elements.

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