Your Home is
Your Haven

Protect it with a smart security system that gives you more control, wherever you are!

Integrate ANYthing

Easily connect your security and smart home system

Connect your devices and applications with a single, simple interface that’s compatible across all major platforms.

Integrating your devices is simple, thanks to automatic discovery.
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Automate anything

Put your home to work with automation routines

Create automation routines (we call them MeshBots) that provide security and home control the precise way you want it. MeshBots are easy to create; simply drag and drop and automate actions for any event.

Kick-off routine tasks at a specific time based on your needs. The options are endless.

Visualize EVERYthing

Be sure your home is secure from anywhere with complete visibility

See and interact with all of your connected devices, apps, and services in one place.

Ezlo gives you a customizable dashboard that is accessible from anywhere, so no matter where you are, you can be certain your home is safe and secure.

View security and smart home activity in a single customizable view

We have you covered

With our fully-integrated home security system, you can rest easy knowing that your every door and window is covered. From the inside to out – there are no blind spots in this house!

Control your home's security from the
palm of your hand

View, control, and interact with any connected device from the couch, across town, or around the world

Rest easy knowing you can control your security system from anywhere, with just a click your home and family are safe.

Create automation routines that make your home smarter and more manageable

Know what's going on inside your home at all times, you'll never miss a thing again.

Get a smart home for life, guaranteed.

No other company has you covered like this. With the purchase
of any Ezlo hub you’ll get:


Access your home from anywhere

The industry’s longest warranty
Our one-of-a-kind integration guarantee
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Always up-to-date cloud infrastructure

Live customer care every day
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Integrate all devices and connect all cloud apps

Start Customizing Your Smart Home

Don’t see the device you want? Let us know and we’ll add it within 90 days.*
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