Types of Home Security Sensors

Home security sensors come in a variety of shapes and purposes. There is a type of home security sensor for every threat known to attack homes.

Types of Home Security Sensors

These home security sensors are created to keep our home safe from threats. These threats could inflict serious damage to our property and even life. That is why including them in your home security system could be beneficial.

Some of these threats to our property and life could even be undetectable by our bare senses. Home security sensors are then created to aid us in detecting these threats. And, eventually, we could prevent them from harming us and our property.

Here are the types of home security sensors that you could integrate into your home security:

Motion Sensors

One of the most essential home security sensors is the motion sensor. The motion sensor is a powerful device that detects movement around your home. Some models are so powerful that they could detect motion as far as 12 meters.

Security cameras are one of the most prominent features of home security systems. But, blind spots adds weakness to the detection capabilities of security cameras.

Motion sensors remedy this by not not just relying the security system on what it sees. It adds motion detecting capabilities to your home security system. Any unrecognized motion in your home will be reported by the motion sensor.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector is one of home security sensors that has an important use in homes. It alarms people as it detects smoke, a major indicator of a fire breaking out.

In this way, the smoke detector helps people prevent a fire while it is still in a premature level.

Fire is devastating as it could destroy a person’s entire property and even life. According to the US Fire Administration, $23 billion worth of property was lost to fires in 2017. Fires also resulted in 3,400 deaths in that same year.

It is important to install home security detectors such as smoke detectors. This is for you to prevent disasters such as fires in damaging your property and life.

Heat Sensors

Smoke detector is just one of the home security sensors that helps you avoid fires. The heat detector is another device that could help you prevent fires from breaking out in your home.

If you are unsatisfied in the smoke detector’s ability to detect signs of fire, you need a heat detector. This device will detect any unusual rise in temperature in its surroundings. The most common fixed temperature point for it to trigger is 58°C or 136.4°F.

But, most advanced models of heat detectors could activate at 47°C or 117°F of heat. This temperature point of activation allows for a more available reaction time.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Carbon monoxide is a leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control, carbon monoxide poisoning kills 480 people every year. It is also the reason why 15,000 people are sent to the emergency room each year.

Carbon monoxide is often during combustion. A running car engine is also a primary source of carbon monoxide in homes. But, other home essentials such as fireplaces and ovens also produce carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so you might have a hard time detecting it. This makes the carbon monoxide detector one of the most important home security sensors. It will alarm when it detects the harmful gas’s presence.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are also important home security sensors. Every home with a significant number of parts in glass should have this device. It alarms as it detects the sound of breaking glass.

You most likely have your windows in glass. You might also have glass sliding doors at home. These are major entry points, so burglars might enter your home through these points. You can secure these glass entry points using glass break sensors.

Light sensors

A smart home light sensor is not necessarily one of the home security sensors. It is rather a feature of the motion sensor.

However, some models of motion sensing systems use light to detect any movements. The device detects moving objects by sensing the changes in the amount of light emitted.

The type of light that the smart home light sensor detects is infrared. This type of light is invisible to humans and thus only sensed by the device.

So, here are the home security sensors that make up an effective home security. There is a device to prevent any threat from harming us and our property.

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