Siri, change my vacation home temperature to 73 degrees!

And guess what?  She did. Well, it wasn’t really Siri, but the engineering team here at Ezlo.  You see, until now, if you had more than one smart home location, such as a vacation home, a rental property, or a “man cave/cabin” in your backyard, it was not possible to run the devices in those locations with your Vera app. To run devices not paired to your primary hub — the one in your app — you had to log out from your primary hub and log into the hub in that other location, i.e., the rental property or man cabin.

All that has changed.  Now, If you have more than one hub, you can easily move from one hub to the other. And, and you can do this with Siri’s help. You can now use Siri commands to create, and run, scenes in any one of your hubs, no matter where they are… quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

One step closer to the future of smart home assistant voice control. 

Not more than a year ago we introduced an awesome new feature that allowed you to ask Siri to run Vera Scenes on your iPhone. This opened the door to some truly amazing possibilities. Basically, you could connect your smart home equipment to actions you command from your iPhone through Apple Shortcuts.

Ever wanted to add widgets on your screen for easy access to your smart home scenes and device control? Now you can.

What about saying Good Night to Siri followed by a swift, automatic, turn-off of your home office lights and ceiling fans?  Perhaps you want to change a setting on your thermostat and arm some security devices and sensors, too. You can even “go expert” with features like Break Timer reminders and, with the tap of a shortcut button or a Siri voice command, make your ceiling lights at the designated time or automatically start the next meeting on your calendar.

Now you can do all that and more. We’re introducing multiple hub support for the same awesome features. What does this mean for you? You can now control with your voice, or by tapping a screen widget, any device or scene connected to any of your hubs, no matter where they are.  Thank you, Siri! And, Ezlo!

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