Smart device sensors. They’re awesome, aren’t they?

That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. These remarkable little devices ( yes, some of them are very, very small) are now so much a part of our daily lives that we don’t even notice them. They’re in our phones, in our cars (that vibration in the wheel when you cross the double line, for instance) and they are certainly an integral part of any home automation or security system. 

We all know that sensors can detect motion, turn our lights off and on, warn us about a toilet leak before it can become a hugely damaging deluge, and much more… but is that all that these little miracles can do?  Hardly. And here are a few examples.

Who’s that knocking on my mailbox door?

Waiting for an important delivery? Away from home and wanting to keep an eye on your mailbox? Either way, you need a sensor for your mailbox. Just place a sensor on the lid or door of your mailbox, and whenever your mailman has something for you, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone.  Something else to ponder. Did you know that, according to the US Postal Service, complaints of mail theft have soared; to nearly 180,000 complaints through the first nine months of 2020? Keeping an eye on your mailbox may not be such a bad idea, is it?

The open and shut case for a fridge sensor.

There are few things in life more disappointing than spending a long day in a backyard battle with Mother Nature, opening the fridge, and reaching for a cold drink only to find that it’s a warm drink. That’s because someone left the refrigerator door open! A smart home sensor (such as those in our store) and placed on the fridge door, can fix that;  ensuring that whatever you want cold always stays cold. Should someone leave the door open, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. Voila. That cold drink awaits…

Make your doorbell smarter.

If you’re not ready to make the leap to the latest and greatest doorbell camera, such as our VistaCam 1200, you can still smarten up that doorbell. Most door/window sensors have two wire leads that can be used to trigger a notification or action. You can utilize this feature by tying it to your existing doorbell button, so when the button is pushed, it will trigger a notification or an indoor chime. Even if you don’t have a doorbell at your home, you can just get any off-the-shelf doorbell and without any wiring or drilling, enjoy a doorbell notification system.

Know when your furry friend makes a getaway

Even if you give your pet the freedom to go out whenever she pleases, you’ll still want to keep an eye on her. Add a door/window sensor on the doggie door to make sure that when she goes out, she always comes back in. As a bonus, you can also use it as an added security measure to know if your door ever gets tampered with. 

Did I leave the garage open… again?

Just like with your doorbell, you can make your garage door smarter, even if you’re still using the old-fashioned push-button remote to open and close it. Just add one of those little door/window sensors on the frame of the door so you don’t have to wait to confirm that the door is fully closed. Visit our store and check out the variety of door sensors we offer.  You’ll get a notification on your smartphone so that you either 1) relax knowing that your garage door is closed and secured, 2) call your neighbor and check on it for you, or 3) turn the car around and see for yourself. Best option?  Number 1.

Avoid frying your finned friends.

Ah, the home aquarium. Such fun! Except when you’re on vacation and there’s no one to care for your little finned friends. So, what do you do? Put your smart home to work with a multi-function device like the Qubino ZMNHAD3, which has a * Z-Wave relay and built-in temperature probe. You can configure this sensor to notify you, via your phone, if the aquarium water temperature exceeds the parameters you’ve set. Ergo, you’ll know right away that you need to turn down the heat in a hurry! You don’t want to have to explain the consequences of a too-hot tank to your kids, right? Note: Make sure that your hub will pair with Z-Wave devices first.

Place a sensor instead of building an ark.

Water damage can be extremely expensive. It can cost, for instance, several thousand dollars to dry a flooded first floor, and, to make matters worse, not all water damage is covered by insurance. Then there’s the cost of flooring and furnishings. So, why not invest a small amount to save a lot?  Simply place a  leak sensor, connected to an Ezlo Atom, where there is any possibility of water entering your home. Atom will sense it and alert you right away. No flooding, no costly restoration.

These are just a few of the ways that tiny sensors can improve your life in gigantic ways, but we bet you can come up with at least a dozen more awesome applications for these inexpensive, life-changing devices. If you’re looking for sensors or need help deciding which one you need, don’t hesitate to check our store or talk to our Customer Care team.

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