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Add Smart Dimming Controls To Your Home Lighting With a smart dimmer switch with no neutral

Smart Dimmer Switch with No Neutral

Upgrading your home with smart lighting is a trend followed by millions of households worldwide. Because of its incredible features and versatility, people are evolving with the flourishing technology. They have a lot to offer you in terms of smart devices. Among these new technologies, one is gaining a lot of popularity- smart switches with no neutrals.

A smart switch is a regular light switch but offers advanced features that help home mechanization. You can operate these switches with home assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. These switches offer some features such as dimming, smartphone app control, energy monitoring, and more. Generally speaking, smart switches without neutral wire are jam-packed with unique characteristics.

What are the benefits of a smart dimmer switch with no neutral?

Smart switches come with multiple benefits. The following are some of them you should be aware of.

Easy to direct

Smart light switches are easy to direct because it is regulated using smartphones and smart devices like Alexa and Google Home. Using the traditional light switches is a little complicated and comprises multiple problems of overused and malfunctioning. Smart switches enable you to manage and control your lights from anywhere at any time. So, now you can enjoy the cool breeze of ACs in summer and a heater in the winter after a long tiring day of work.

Safe and secure

A smart switch can make a significant difference in the safety of your home. While purchasing these switches, ensure that you use wifi or Bluetooth to control them. This way, you can be safe and secure about the buttons. It is possible to turn on or off your lights even when you are away.

Low power bills

Smart light switches will lower your bills. Dealing with traditional buttons will cause massive bills to fluctuate every month. To avoid these things, install smart dimmer switches with no neutral in your home, especially if you want to lower the monthly bills. You can save a fair amount of money every month.

Schedule everything

It is easy to schedule the behaviour of your lights with the help of smart switches. You can enjoy the lights according to your mood, whether you want dim glares or bright ones.

What are the locations for installing dimmer smart switches with no neutral? Provide H3 tag
With regard to installing a dimmer switch, people often get confused about where to install these smart switches in their homes. Either you can replace the light regulators or install them in a new place. Here is a list of different areas in your home where you can readily set it in place.


The bedroom is one of the primary places for homeowners to install smart switches. It is the first place they approach when they arrive home and the last place as they leave. With these switches, you can keep your room a better place for rest.

Living room

The living room is another area in your home which needs smart switches. You can readily make it a cozy place according to your needs, whether you want to watch your favorite movie or want to read a book.


Having enough light in the kitchen is required to accomplish the tasks. A dimmer smart switch with no neutral will make the lights according to your mood. You can dim the lights when preparing your morning tea or coffee and illuminate the area with bright lights when cooking.


Controlling the porch lights is essential in order to control energy consumption. When required, turn the lights up and dim them during the night for security.

Smart Switches with neutral wires

How to install a smart dimmer switch with no neutral?

You can readily install the smart switch with no neutral at your home. This process will be a little time-consuming and complex. There are two options you can opt for to install a smart switch. Either you can go for switches with neutral wire or opt for switches that do not require a neutral wire. From our recommendation, smart switches with no neutral are the right option.

  • To install these, you should have an electric tester tool kit. It is one of the essential kits to accomplish this task.
  • Remove all the old switches attached to the walls. You have to remove all the wires from them.
  • The step involves installing the smart switch. You need to install the wires: load, line, and ground. No neutral wire is mandatory in this case.
  • You have to connect all these three wires with the Lutron switch. Now, download the app and check its power.

Smarter living is the way to go

It’s time to adopt a shift from traditional switches to these modern smart dimmer switches with no neutral with Ezlo. You can make your home a beautiful and elegant place to live in with them. They offer safe and convenient options for the switches.

Don’t waste an extra minute and visit their website to purchase these smart switches

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