How Home Automation and Security Works?

With break-ins still trending, protecting yourself and your assets is still a necessity. Your property is the product of your own labor. And you can’t afford to lose your loved ones even more than your stuff. To protect these, you need to step up your home automation and security measures.

Home Automation and Security

How helpful is home automation and security in protecting everything around you? Read on to find out.

Home Automation and Security of Your Property

In 2015, the FBI reported that nearly 1.6 million burglaries took place throughout the year. And every burglary averages some $2,316.2.

How could home automation help cut this number down? Let us check a study conducted in an earlier year. The study was about the connection between home automation and security.

In 2014, a team from the University of Carolina conducted a study on home automation and security. They asked 400 convicted burglars about a situation. The question was if houses have home security systems, how would they respond?

About 60% of burglars said that they would hesitate to break into homes. That is if the homes have home security systems. That 60 % admitted that they would move to another target if they saw an alarm system in the house.

Statistics show how tight the relationship between home automation and security really is. It shows that homes without security systems are more likely to be broken in. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into by burglars.

The numbers show just how important home automation and security systems are nowadays. Your property is the product of your own labor. Let a joint force of home automation and security work to watch over it.

Home Automation and Security for Yourself

A 2010 study says that someone is at home in 28% of US burglaries between 2003 and 2007. The mere fact that some of these people have the nerve to break in a property with someone still home is scary.

There are 3.7 million burglaries that happened within the same bracket. So, some 1 million burglaries happened with someone still home. And, sadly, within those 1 million, 266,560 became victims of violent crimes.

There is probably nothing scarier than feeling not secured in your own home. What is the use of a home if it can’t protect you from the elements? But home automation and security want to change this. Home automation and security will give you a sense of security and protection in your own home.

Gadgets such as cameras, sensors, alarms, keypads, and other devices are simple. Yet, these home automation systems devices could actually save your life.

Simple camera installation is already a big step in home automation and security. Half of the 12 former burglars consulted by a security firm admitted avoiding homes with cameras.

Just a mere show off could scare a burglar off. What more if you could install real home automation and security in your property?

Home Automation and Security of Your Family

If there is someone you wanted to protect other than yourself, it’s your loved ones. They live in your home too, because they make your house a home.

It has been mentioned before that someone is home in over a million burglaries between 2003 and 2007. And hundreds of thousands of them became victims of violent crimes. So, make sure to arm the alarm in your home automation and security system even when you’re home.

We would rather lose property than lose someone we love. Your loved ones are the biggest reason to build home automation and security.

FBI reports that the burglary rate in the US decreased by 30.8% from 2007 to 2016. We aren’t sure if this decline can be credited to the development of home automation and security. But we are certain that technology has improved. This improvement could help you protect not just your property but your loved ones as well. You could put your trust in home automation systems.

Home Automation and Security of the Community

Many cases of burglaries happen in the same house or neighborhood many times over. But there is one question in home automation and security that interests us. Why do burglars target the same old house and neighborhood twice?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. That is because they have been in that location. Burglars come back to locations they already been to because it’s easier the second time.

A burglar usually takes note of other valuable things in your house. They will only take some with them, only to come back for the others the next time. Burglars also often assume that valuable items will immediately get replaced by insurance.

So, why give burglars a chance to break into your home when you can simply not let them have it? Before they could have a second time robbing your house, deprive them the first time. Once they had the first time, they would most likely come back for more.

Intimidate them with the most advanced models of security cameras, sensors, and alarms. Never let them have a single chance of stepping in your property. You could do this with home automation and security.

You will be also doing your job as part of your community when you build your security. Burglars would found out that your house is unreachable. They would also immediately assume that houses around your neighborhood are the same.

Do you feel like you’re property and loved ones are not secure enough? We could help you take that feeling away with home automation and security. Get in touch with us at +1 (866) 966-2272. Or send us an email at [email protected].

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