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Essentials of a Home Automation Kit

Home automation is the smartest way for people to protect their property. It does more than just that, as it also protects the owner from all the elements out there. But a good home automation kit does not only contain security features. It also allows you to use household energy in a more efficient way.

Home Automation Kits

So, you want to build a smart home? Here are some essential features that you should have in your home automation kit.

Video Surveillance: First in a Home Automation Kit

Video surveillance is the first things first in a home automation kit, as well as home security.

A 2014 FBI report states that burglary amounted to $3.9 billion in losses of victims’ property. According to the same report, 75% of burglary took place in residential properties.

Burglary is also a problem in Baltimore. Back in 2011, city officials came up with a solution. The officials installed 500 security areas in the city’s downtown. Video surveillance was being monitored by retired police officers from a control room. It was quite a success. Since the installation of cameras, officials saw crime steadily dropping.

Video surveillance works for an entire city. It should work in your home too. Video surveillance is an essential part of a home automation kit. It has been around since we started making home automation kits. Virtually all home automation companies offer this service.

A report from the University of Carolina proves the strength of security cameras. The report saw that mere presence of a security system makes burglars hesitate to break into a home. About 60% of convicted burglars admitted to thinking twice in the presence of a security system.

Of course, a security camera is the immediate sign of the presence of a security system. So, make that burglar scared to break in your home. Rank video surveillance in building a home automation kit.

Door-securing Keypad: The Portal guard in a Home Automation Kit

A 2014 FBI report states that 58.3 % of burglaries in the United States happen with forcible entry. This is a huge number.

A recent 2019 statistic saw that 30% of burglars enter a home using an unlocked entrance. I mean, why not? It’s the easiest way to break in.

Another statistic also states that 34% of burglars enter a home through the front door. So, not all burglars are afraid to use your primary door after all.

So, make door security another essential feature in building your home automation kit.

The keypad is your personal guard in a home automation kit. There is a diversity of this tool among home automation companies. All you have to do to secure your home with it is a passcode. You could arm and disarm your security system very quick by typing the code. This tool will help you lock and unlock portals in your home.

Sirens and sensors could also be used to make your doors secure.

The sirens are another important part in a home automation kit focusing on security. This device will alert you of any undesired entry to your home. Make sure it makes a really loud noise of up to 106 dB to scare off any intruder that walks into your home. A noise as loud as that is also enough to alert your neighbors.

You could also add sensors to complete the security aspects of your home automation kit. These tools will sense movements inside your house and report it back to you. Get those burglars before they could even take anything from your home.

Thermostat: The ‘Weather Forecaster’ in a Home Automation Kit

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions reports that heaters are expensive to use. Americans spend $73 billion each year for heaters. The same is true for air conditioning. Americans pay $29 billion each year in their bills because of air conditioning.

So, include a thermostat in your home automation kit. It will help you track the temperature inside your home. This allows for easy home automation. This essential of the home automation kit will also help you reduce bills. This is by adjusting exactly to your desired temperature.

Energy bills are rising nowadays. This makes the thermostat essential in keeping a home automation kit. It has been more popular with the need of more energy-efficient solutions.

With a thermostat, you are not just cutting your energy bills off. You are also doing a big favor for the environment by cutting energy use.

Smart Light Bulbs: Mood-changer in a Home Automation Kit

Another must have for your home automation kit is the smart light bulb. These bulbs are no ordinary light bulbs. They are not just turned on and off with a wall switch. The light in these bulbs could be adjusted to the right dim and brightness that you want.

Dim light helps you relax and fall asleep. But, bright light helps you awake and alert. You could be in any of the two moods by just adjusting the light of the bulb with your phone. This is done without even changing the light bulb itself. It allows for easy home automation.

Being able to adjust to personal needs is not just the appeal of these light bulbs. They are also energy efficient. Thus, these smart light bulbs are a must have in building a home automation kit. And you could install them by literally turning a screw.

So, you want to build your own home automation kit? We could help you with that! We could also provide you the smart tools mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also send us an email at [email protected].

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