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Components of Home Automation Security

Security is one of home automation systems’ most important features. Home automation security can be likened to a functioning human body. All parts respond automatically to protect the body.

Home Automation Security


Your body responds to different kinds of threats to protect you. And, like your body, home automation security respond to threats to protect you. It also protects your property as well.

Keypad: Activates the ‘Skin’ of Home Automation System

In your body, the skin is the immediate protective layer. It protects the inside of your body from the elements. Without it, all your sensitive organs are vulnerable.

The walls, doors, and windows are protective layers of your home. But, in home automation, the keypad makes these layers active.

The walls, doors, and windows are dead skin. But, with the keypad, they are alive and active. With the keypad, the protective layers become integrated into the home automation security.

The skin would feel good if it came in contact with something it recognizes. Like the skin, the keypad will not be alerted when it came in contact with someone it recognizes. And that would be you and your family or guests.

The skin could feel irritated too. This is when it came in contact with something it did not recognize. See how you react whenever a stranger touches your skin. Your first response would be to take your skin away from the stranger. The same happens when you touch something very hot.

In home automation security, the keypad alarms when it senses something unrecognized.

So, your home already had a protective layer. But home automation security will make it active.

Cameras: Eyes of Home Automation Security

The eye is your organ that warns you of threats even before they could come near you. It does more than just that. It also familiarizes you of what the threat is.

In home automation security, the security cameras are also your eyes. It warns you about burglars even when they haven’t entered the house yet. This allows you to have more time to contact the authorities.

It does more than that. It could also record the face and the crime itself. In case of robbery, you could help the authorities catch the culprit when you gave them a recording of the crime.

Some burglars also do the right thing about not covering their faces. You are lucky if that happens and you happen to have already installed cameras in your home.

By recording a crime, home automation security helps you see where your house’s weak spots are. Burglars tend to enter in weak spots in the house. When you could record one in the act, you could strengthen those weak spots.

The camera is one of the pioneering parts of home security systems. And it continues to improve to this day. It also improves home automation security within the process.

Sirens: Mouth of Home Automation Security

You found yourself in an unlikely situation. Let us say, you can’t swim, yet you fell to a pool that is 20 foot deep. Your first response would be to cry for help. And your cry for help alerts anyone that could hear it that someone is in danger.

In home automation security, your alarm system does the job of the mouth. When the devices sense something they could not recognize, it sends a signal to the alarm.

In home automation security, sirens usually do this job. They could deliver noise that could be as loud as 106 dB. A noise this loud is enough to wake you up from your dream.

It is also loud enough for your neighbors to hear. They could call the authorities to avoid further advancement from the intruder.

A noise this loud in the home automation security is also enough to scare off the intruder himself.

The alarm system is already a recognized part of home security systems. But make sure to integrate really loud sirens in your home automation security. They are usually already available from providers of home automation systems.

Sensors: ‘Sixth Sense’ of Home Automation Security

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know why but it feels so wrong? It is as if you can feel something with a sixth sense. Sometimes, the feelings turn out to be true. Sometimes, the feeling turns out to be wrong.

In home automation security, there is a component that is like this sixth sense. This ‘sixth sense’ is more accurate though. This ‘sixth sense’ is the motion sensor.

The motion sensor essentially detects movements in your place. Upon detection, it alerts your home automation security system.

In some cases, you have to disarm the motion sensor with the keypad. When you disarm it, your system will not alarm even when the sensor detects you. The burglar would most likely be unaware of the keypad. So, you would know when there is an intruder in your place.

So, why is it some sort of a sixth sense? Well, some units could detect movement from up to 12 meters! The burglar would most likely be spooked with this.

Your home is already protection from the elements. But, home automation security transforms your home into an active organism.

Do you want to activate your home against the elements? We can help you build your own home automation security. Give us a call at +1 (866) 966-2272. Or send us an email at [email protected]

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